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A question for CobaltDragon.


Hey, this applies to all AUS players and I couldn't find an answer anywhere but as any who played on X1 in AUS know, we were using the EU servers until official release and now that it's using the NA servers..

Are our characters just gone now or is there something that can be done about it?

The Server Merge doesn't look like it would help in any way so we just have to start again huh?

I mean I'm not totally opposed to that but it really seems like kind of a terrible thing to do to a lot of people.

Or is there something I'm overlooking?


  • I don't think I have a great answer to this...

    First, just to clarify, characters already created on Xbox EU Servers won't be able to be transferred over to Xbox NA Servers, unfortunately.

    You are kinda put in a position of making your own choice, whether you want to choose to keep playing on Xbox EU with your existing characters, or decide to take the alternative option of starting a new character on one of the Xbox NA Servers.
    It is entirely up to you on what you want to do personally, but I will mention that you might find that you have a better connection on Xbox NA than you do on Xbox EU.
  • Thank you @CobaltDragon for the clear answer ^.^ That's all I wanted to know.

    I deliberately avoided investing much time in the game because I knew something like this might happen, I can just start fresh on NA servers now. There are a few small losses I'll be taking (such as I own a Founders Pack already but have no access to it and can't repurchase) and the character slots I used the EMP to purchase but the 5 free ones mostly make up for that so I'm set.

    4-5+ years of playing on PC has it's advantages with predicting things like this, lol.

  • TGWolf wrote: »
    There are a few small losses I'll be taking (such as I own a Founders Pack already but have no access to it and can't repurchase)

    I believe Founder's Packs were temporarily re-added to the Xbox Store, specifically for new players logging in from Australia & New Zealand.
  • @CobaltDragon

    They are but if you already own one you can't repurchase it and the one I own considers that all its items belong to the EU servers even though I never claimed most of them.


    There's nothing I can do about it, I'm going to just get a different one and with the AUS version now being official I won't have to worry about losing it again.
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