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why is fwc 95% always one sided?



  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    Can this be forwarded to BHS ? Something needs to be done regarding match making @CobaltDragon @KitTeaCup
  • ZakhaevZakhaev
    edited August 2018
    because the same kids with sc +9 or Oath queue on the same time, and all are on same team.
    And the other team have all random ppl or 2 ppl sync max. With normal gear.
    The difference with corsair is huge, i have sc +7 wep and armor +0 and on FWC dont do damage almost.
    But in Corsair is different i do a lot more damage, since all wear same gear
  • ZakhaevZakhaev
    edited August 2018
    here is an example, in this moment i play vs Ego, Desparity, Avenger, Baxton and Cobra
    And some times play with him, Regard and other Folks.
    All ppl sync, full geared..
    Nothing u can do tbh
    And Enmasse dont gives a [filtered].
    And dont expect that much for the same Studio "Bluehole" who develop PUBG
  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    i can't think of a single game with pvp that doesn't give some sort of advantage to players with higher mechanical skill than others

    however, in tera, it's currently possible to substitute some of said skill with proxy and paid scripts to perform at a level not possible otherwise
  • Oath came equalize gear stayed the same, Equalized gear need to be SC +5 at least
  • You can't blame the players who sync queue. They are just playing how the match making/queuing work. If only match making balances the queued players rank/points/classes(50/50 or 60/40). Games might always be toe toe. That would be a kind of game i want to play rather than just being 1 sided. If only eme cares about this matter.
  • I'd blame the matchmaking system more than sync queuers. You can end up with 3 mystics no tanks while the other team will get 3 priests 3 lancers 2 brawlers. And also ElinUsagi's point of PvErs entering the scene since the rewards are quick and easy. (i.e. incentivized losing)
  • As others have said, they need to change the matchmaking system. The system currently is literally a line for each team, which is why sync que is possible (which it shouldn't be).

    So we need to change that, but this seems like something only BHS could change. Which is unfortunate, since BHS rarely cares about other regions.
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