Banker and Trade Broker for VO Plz

I know PvP is kinda dead in this game, but would still be nice I'm assuming EME can do this? I mean it's designed to be a duelling spot so why not make it so people don't need to leave it if they don't want to.


  • in that case place a banker on velika steps where you end up after leaving ghillieglades so you can bank your drops faster and switch toons
  • Kirasaka wrote: »
    It takes 1 minute to go from vo to the trade broker/banker.... There are far more serious issues with the game that need to be dealt with.

    that's not a valid reason to dismiss something at all.
    eme are always saying how they want our feedback. putting a broker and banker npc in those 2 locations (gg spawn on velika steps and VO) would be really helpful/useful.
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    or just spend 10g on the npc or abit more for all 4, heaven forbid you don't have 90 of each npc

    or befriend people who have that tier of tera rewards
  • great troll post
  • Any where in Tera that you teleport to or fly to does not have a banker and broker there waiting you have to go to them. It's part of the game.
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