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Summer Coins Going Away?

I just read the main announcement forum (which has many things that do not apply to PS4 players) and noticed that they were taking away summer tokens on August 14.

What? I have been grinding them with a bunch of alts just to have them for future use and now I find all that work was a waste. Really annoying!


  • That section doesn't really apply to TERA Console, but I can put forward a request to create that type of section, specifically for TERA Console in these Forums.
  • SehyaSehya Vesporax,kaprima,lakan, sylvina,cantfrontthis,kantouchthis,cantbeaninja,
    So if I get this straight, these tokens will disappear off of our accounts after august 14. So we need to use them up before that date, kinda like the free tokens we got daily for temporary Cosmetics that dissapeared randomly.
  • We've mentioned in other locations that the Temple and Claret Medallions would be removed, most likely about a week after the Summer Festival ends on TERA Console.
    It said in the News Section

    Summer Festival is extended an extra week! You can now enjoy the fun and games of the Beach Bash or the spectacle of the Festival of the sun until 10 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, August 14!

    Just make sure to use up your Claret and Temple Medallions while you can, because we’re removing them from the game on August 21.
  • I had seen the news section where they said the tokens would be removed on 21 August, but the News & Announcements section of the forum has an article titled "Removing Summer Festival Tokens - August 14", where it is written that they will be taken away during maintenance on the 14th. I have gone ahead and given guile armor to each of my characters who still needed it, and the jewelry to all of them, just to be on the safe side. I have traded in the rest for other items I could use. I would have liked to save them for future characters, but I guess I can just keep farming intercede tokens for the guile armor, when I make more characters. Of course, there is always next summer festival to look forward to, when I am guessing we will be able to get the temple and claret tokens again. :)
  • If the token removal is system based i would not take any chances on what date considering what happened with the festival extension. Not saying use, but more like don't use before the 14th at your own risk.
  • I fail to see why they need to be removed. I have bought some somewhat useless cosmetic items on several characters, but I would have much preferred holding onto them and possibly having enough to buy full sets next year, if needed, or as I level other characters as was noted. Getting full sets is a bit harder since I didn't run all characters through every day, I do have a life outside the game.
  • Stop me from hoarding them? I could still make just as many either way and pass them around between characters on the server.

    I don't buy that excuse.
  • M6KPMHHLR3 wrote: »
    they make them go away to stop you from hoarding them because they change rewards and prices for those events, or itll cause the costume boom that happened on pc making everything utterly worthless.

    Thanks a lot for explaining this. I had gone ahead and traded all of them in, because I did not want them to go to waste, but I was definitely wondering why we couldn't just keep them. This definitely clears it up for me. Thanks! :)

  • I still have some one some characters. Annoying if they didn't go away since I wouldn't have rushed to use them. Too late now though.
  • It was on our list to complete during Maintenance, however there was a complication that occurred, so I believe we'll plan to remove the Temple / Claret Medallions during the next Maintenance.
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