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Changing TERA from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4

Hello there, beautiful creatures from far and wide. I wanted to take this moment to get your voices on this. As you can see from the title, the proposition is rather simple - maybe not that simple from transitioning, but simple in the sense of what we as players should ask for. Before I begin, I ask that you take the moment to truly read through this all and not just glance over it. With your support, and hopefully with enough voices, Bluehole can make a major difference that could potentially make the game 100% better.

We've all experienced that lag in Velika, Highwatch and Battlegrounds, to the point that most of us (without Playstation 4 Pros / Xbox One X) have bluescreened and have because of that experience caused issues like 15 Minute Debuffs (Dropout Status), and potentially losing runs - now, keep in mind that is just Dungeon related. We've crashed in major cities from all the particle effects, and quite frankly due to the fact that there are way too many players on at once time, in one area. Due to Unreal Engine 3's limitations (look at TERA PC, Bless Online and Blade and Soul) with even having 30-40 players on one screen just fighting causes extreme frame drops. This is not the fault of a server or necessarily always the fault of the player using a "bad graphics card". Even Unreal Engine 4 is not always 100% the best for MMORPGs, but since I believe that Bluehole will not create its own engine, this is the only choice.

We are seeing more and more that MMORPGs are finally making the switch into Unreal Engine 4, in order to facilitate players when it comes to large scale battles (PC Players remember Nexus and Alliance) - meaning better frame rates overall. Though the engine itself won't 100% make it "better", with the engine and a strong netcode, TERA could become even better than it already is. How? This, in turn, would allow players to have better frame rates when in a location with 30-40 players all at once, using different abilities. Look at Fortnite, or for a more close to home feel, look at Paragon. Epic Games pushed the boundaries of Unreal Engine 4, perfecting it for this sort of MMO-esque system. In Fortnite we've seen 100 players fighting it out, attacking all at once, using multiple abilities, etc. It's smoother than ever thanks to the hard work at Epic. Ashes of Creation is pushing Unreal Engine 4 with its own Netcode and in the testing stages, it's been a clean play with 2,000+ players all in one server, and 500+ players in one location.

To further assist this, look at Blade and Soul, it's a strong example as it is an MMORPG, Korean-based, originally in Unreal Engine 3 and created around the same time as TERA. Next year it will be going into Unreal Engine 4, for visual detail improvement and performance capabilities. (Source)

TERA needs to step up in this regard. Even Bless Unleashed is going into Unreal Engine 4 for those same reasons, brought to consoles as a brand new MMORPG, completely separate from Bless Online. Even if it's rebranded as TERA 2, the time and money put into making the game even better, will generate more revenue. This isn't a guess, this is hard facts. Since 2013, PC players have been asking for optimization and improvements of TERA, and you are limited at what you can do with Unreal Engine 3, it's not your fault. However, moving it into Unreal Engine 4, a more stable, updated and stronger engine for this genre will bring an amazing experience both to the players and Bluehole Studios.

We hope that you'll consider this, and listen to your playerbase. We love TERA, and we adore the gameplay, and of course, its action combat. However, the game can be even more so amazing, with better, stronger performance.

Thanks for reading. If you support this, please let En Masse know in the comments below by stating that you support this petition of sorts.


  • 1Prototype1Prototype United States
    100% SUPPORT -Prototype PS4 Darkan NA
  • Please do, and hopefully it will fix some of the current graphical issues and make the game overall better!
  • WoofersWoofers
    edited August 2018
    100% Support this! Not only will it make the game better but it will fix all the issues it currently has. From lagging when joining or moving to a new location and also crashing in velika. So much more that I can't even explain that would make the game playable and enjoyable! Really hope this gets to blue hole and they consider this.

  • This should take no time at all. I support.
  • An engine upgrade has improved a lot of other games in the past, and I do agree with the U4's higher limitation threshold than U3's. Hopefully devs will catch on to think about this and maybe work on an improvement for their game. Remember, this has to reach the Korean devs as well.
  • Would be nice if they improve it. Cause the lag is keeping me away from doing battlegrounds now.
    I support!
  • Todo el apoyo, si se animaron a llevar este gran MMO para nosotros en consola , también pueden mejorarlo con UE4
  • Me too i hope they improve this way the game
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's not going to happen that soon or at all. Tera is a 7 year old game and it never received any meaningful optimizations. BHS doesn't even focus on it anymore, pubg is their main cash cow now.
  • Thank you for putting this out there Saru. It's the main factor deciding whether or not this game will last and meet it's true potential, because we all know TERA could be huge if they'd just focus on it more and quit putting it to the side and milking the players for every cent they can get until it eventually dies, which will be sooner than later with how terribly it runs, even doing simple PvP. Now would be the best time, as people are still wanting to give them a chance to actually give TERA the attention it deserves, but chances are limited too. We can only hope. 100% support.
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    As much as people want this, BHS is never gonna do it...just look at A:IR their newest game, that's on UE3 in 2018...there is no way they're gonna touch UE4

    Besides, it's too much effort for them and BHS hates effort..we've asked for this before along with other basic stuff but yeah...Just another thing they're gonna laugh at and ignore dispite the support
  • > @M6KPMHHLR3 said:
    > This is never going to happen, this has been asked many times before, they will never do it, they do not care about quality only money.
    > Their newest mmo is on UE3 and -has optimization issues in its own hype trailer-.
    > Do the math.

    You're absolutely correct. However, if we all unite as a community and speak out in support about, about what we - the consumer, wants.... - we can possibly make a difference. Also, A:IR was started about a year or two after Tera released. It makes sense why it's that engine. Should upgrade it but, yeah... Who knows?
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    > @M6KPMHHLR3 said:
    > This is never going to happen, this has been asked many times before, they will never do it, they do not care about quality only money.
    > Their newest mmo is on UE3 and -has optimization issues in its own hype trailer-.
    > Do the math.

    You're absolutely correct. However, if we all unite as a community and speak out in support about, about what we - the consumer, wants.... - we can possibly make a difference?

    No, BHS straight up don't care for the community outside of Korea.

    Source 1: We've been whining for optimization since FOREVER to the point that topic is beyond a dead horse, yet game still runs like trash

    Source 2: PC has been asking for Talents for 3 YEARS as the devs balanced around talents, despite saying they don't and not giving us to them cause 'too buggy'. ONLY NOW, 3 YEARS LATER have we finally heard ANYTHING about talents potentially coming

    Source 3: Ktera was going to bring out Talismans but received massive backlash from their community which immediately cancelled the update. Koreans whine and their concerns are fixed WHILE WE'RE ASKING FOR BASIC STUFF, yeah, thry don't care for us. Hell, I've seen the words "talisman" pop up now and again in Gameforge (EU publisher) so who knows if we're gonna get a [filtered] system

    Face the facts, be realistic, Vets have been asking for bare basics and yet here we are, empty handed. Remember who you're asking when thinking of suggestions, if BHS can't even make one of their highest profit games (PUBG) run well, then i highly doubt they'll do anything else for their other titles
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    @Vinyltails Trust me, I understand and I know. I get it 100%. The high chance is that it won't ever happen. But, what's the harm in rallying here, with the super small chance that it might happen?

    Wasting time? Maybe.

    But at least, the community can say it tried one last time. Even on their newest product (console version). Even if it bears nothing in return, what it will bring is knowledge and wisdom to the console players knowing that, we should take our business elsewhere.

    PC has asked for this. They were ignored. It makes sense. Now console is asking for this. If they add 2 and 2, they'll see this is a big issue. Maybe.

    All we can do is try.
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