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Can Brawler +0 Frostmetal Weapon, kill Nyx alone under 5 minutes ?

Can Brawler +0 Frostmetal Weapon, kill Nyx alone under 5 minutes?

This is bugged me in few days, at few days ago, like usual i was on patrol for World Bosses-Nyx in Sienna Canyon,
and some brawler hit Nyx, when i caught him, the Nyx already in around 70% HP, so instantly i`m not interupt those guy who hit the Nyx (Because he was my guildie), and search another Nyx in another chanel, so i check in 2 other possition of Nyx spawn location, for each location i check in around 6 chanels, say roughtly i check 12 chanels in total, and each chanel i check consume around 5-6 seconds, so do the math... if... 6x12 = 72 second, just say roughly that was 1 minutes, so.. after i check other spot in total around 1 minutes, i come back into those chanels which is the Nyx already hit by those brawler, and daaang.. the Nyx is already dead (and i check he was alone there), (So i have some habits inspecting someone), and when i inspect him, he was in +0 Frostmetal Weapon, and that make me more suprised.

Nyxarras (Nyx) is a world bosses BAM, which is spawn in Sienna Canyon in certain location, this boss is the most harder boss to fight comparing another world bosses in TERA, because Nyx always flying (around half of time we spend to fight Nyx, he always flying), When Nyx flying this boss is invulnerable to melee attack (Except for ranger class like Gunner and Archer), so, in term of fact, this boss really `time consuming` to kill, regardless how much damage you have if you were Melee class.

I ask those brawler in guild chat (Because he was in same guild), and the conversation is like these :
Me : How do you kill the Nyx alone under 5 minutes using Frostmetal weapon?
Him : How do you know i kill it under 5 minutes?
Me : Because im calculated it by my self..
From here, hes not give me satisfying answer, and keep cyrcling around into other conversation, and he just say :
Him : Because i`m the best brawler.. bla..bla..bla..

So funny, when people claiming the best brawler, but can not simply explained how he do that..
after this, i ask another my friend who has higher gear than me, and his answer was..`That impossible`.
and in around 3 weeks ago, i was in same scenario, some brawler with +9 Stormcry Weapon, hit the Nyx, after that i look other chanel in exact same time consume, when i return to the Nyx location chanel, those brawler still not killing Nyx yet, so i wait there till he kill Nyx, and he need around 2 minutes later to kill it.
before i post this threads, i tried kill Nyx with two brawler (Me with using Brawler +7 Stormcry weapon, and My friend using Brawler +8 Stormcry weapon), and the result is, we both killing Nyx in around 5 minutes.

So.. how the hell those brawler with +0 Frostmetal Weapon can kill Nyx alone under 5 minutes?
Can someone explain this with reasonable logic, without simply say `I was the best f*king brawler in server?`


  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    maybe you miscalculated or the brawler got lucky and the boss didn't move much, I've seen that happen before
  • LinXiaoXingLinXiaoXing Jakarta, Indonesia ✭✭
    CornishRex wrote: »
    maybe you miscalculated or the brawler got lucky and the boss didn't move much, I've seen that happen before

    No, i never miscalculated.. i count pricisely
    because i have in same certain condition, when some frostmetal brawler pairing with some DPS (Around 2 weeks ago),
    they need `certain amount of time` to kill Nyx.

    For the record..
    This guy in my guild, Brawler who kill Nyx alone under 5 minutes using +0 Frostmetal weapon, He `Not even denied it`,
    And... in the matter of luck, in average i kill Nyx hundreds of times, using my Brawler +7 Stormcry weapon,
    i never in result killing Nyx with incredible fast `which` is you say is `luck`, in `far` under 5 minutes, regardless whole massive consumable i used.

    So, prove me wrong with these (my) investigation,
    by trying by your self, using Brawler with +0 Frostmetal weapon, and record it,
    and try to find those `luck` :D

    Nothing to offense,
    And thank you for reply :)
  • dmaxcustomdmaxcustom ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Nyx flies around too much to have a good DPS burst on it. I would say no, not possible.
  • You're just bad , fm brawler can easily kill nyx in under 5 minutes especially with slaying setup
  • Yeah slaying setup would make it way faster and who knows while u wer on other channel somebody might have helped him hit the boss and just left right before u came back... Nothing fishy going on coz if ull do something fishy might as well 1 hit wb..go big or go home. And he might not want to answer u cuz if ur a good player u just cant share strats to anyone..
  • MelyodisMelyodis ✭✭✭
    @LinXiaoXing yes a brawler with +0 frost weapon can kill nyx under five minutes added to that if hes awakened note nyx flies a lot but some times you can get him locked down and he does only normal attacks and also i think you miscalculated cause their's 3 spots in each channel to check. and your own guild mate why didn't you join him you said he was you guildie
  • Xerses wrote: »
    A7GLPNDYPN wrote: »
    You're just bad , fm brawler can easily kill nyx in under 5 minutes especially with slaying setup

    ye cuz slaying for a wb is new meta bruh, especially in +0 fm. git gud

    What are you even trying to say , you should always slay for wbs to make them faster , unless you got some brain damage. And if you're saying a fm brawler wouldnt know what that is , it might be an alt or just a person who actually researches the game
  • LinXiaoXingLinXiaoXing Jakarta, Indonesia ✭✭
    I see, those `Slaying` crystall should work..
  • And also you gotta know how to acually play brawler. I bet this fm+0 brawl is an alt and kinda knows what hes doing, like good use of rythmic blows and such.
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