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Enmasse Dropped the Ball the Priest loading screen contest [Issue has been resolved]

[copied from my art forum discussion because it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT ENMASSE FIX THESE ISSUES WITH THEIR CONTESTS]
Hey everyone so ya'll saw that I was working on my entry right? Cause I thought I had some time. Heck, I even kept checking Enmasse's page where the contest was announced, you can see here from this link: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/august-leveling-event
Or if you don't want to look at the page, here's a lovely screenshot: tumblr_inline_pe004poKFG1tpzzpb_1280.png
As you can see, the deadline says August 24th, basically before midnight Western Time, California, etc. And ofc they have the date when they will announce the winners huh right? So I assume, well maybe they mistyped that and they mean NEXT WEEK as it's still august and makes sense right?
Even so, I made sure to check the Enmasse twitter feed just in case they made any fixes, heck, I even checked the forums and no one said a thing, so I assumed tonight was the deadline.

So I pull an all-nighter and work my butt off after being so busy during the whole month and having many tears as a typical artist has over their work to finally work on the piece and I go to double-check the Enmasse Twitch stream to make sure I can see the announcements for next week right?

Here's what I see:

This makes no sense @KitTeaCup Please tell me then, when WAS YOUR PLANNED DEADLINE FOR THESE ENTRIES? If you announced it in the Twitch streams when the official deadline was, I did not see it. On the website page it clearly says that the deadline is today, the 24th of August. If you meant the 17th, you really should have fixed it.

Well it seems all my hard work really was for naught. If I had known the contest submission was over, I probably wouldn't have nearly hurt every fiber of my being to get it done on time and done it at my own pace and just be like, "Oh here was an entry I was making and missed the deadline but here ya'll can enjoy it anyways right?"

Only if I had known when the exact deadline was.

"Why didn't I bother to confirm?" Maybe I should have asked yes, oh well, silly me, lets just roll with that shall we? Considering how long it takes for support tickets to get through and everything.

[Remember, the gods are watching this month, and they always reward the faithful!] Hahaha...yeah no...

So here's my stupid entry that I really shouldn't have rushed on but whatever, who cares?


TBH during their last summer contest, my friend entered but they messed up on the fact that they changed the email for submissions and only got the email about it right at the last minute when the deadline closed. So her entry never made it in.

I can see why she stopped trying to do their contests anymore...


  • xXEruneXxxXEruneXx ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    It is currently midnight or 12:50 AM on saturday PDT.
    It was around 6 AM On Friday Enmasse Tweeted this.
    11:59 PM PDT
    As you can clearly see from these screenshots of their tweets, they said PM.

    If it's supposed to be 11:59 PM for the submissions, why are the Winners Announced at 2:30 PM?

    @KitTeaCup Please explain
  • TBFH if they meant 11:59 AM, I probably wouldn't be so angry about any of this. Honestly, I don't care that my work didn't get in. I am very upset though that they EXPLICITLY said from their site p.m. (post meridiem, meaning past midday) and then kept up posting it even on their TWITTER one the very same day it was due and then seeing that their Twitch had a video from 2:30 pm announcing the winners. (I had been very busy focusing then on getting the piece done so looking at their twitter at all for announcing their stream for Friday was the least important thing on my list at that point)

    So either they messed up big time or they lied about the time of the submissions. TBFH, considering the blatant evidence on their Twitter feed, I'm leaning toward the latter unless @staff @enmasse @KitTeaCup or some other staff member says something back either from my email of my entry submission (which was sent around 9 p.m, enough time before 11:59 p.m mind you), from this post (at this point is there even a point of sending a support ticket? What category would I put it in?), or on their Twitter.

    And also when @Spacecats was still around, the last time I had submitted an entry, it was a week before they then announced the winners after the submission deadline.
    TBFH this is very bad planning on EME's part to make the deadline of submissions the SAME DAY AS ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS especially since they kept up the idea on both the site page AND their Twitter that their deadline was AFTER THE WINNERS WERE ANNOUNCED
  • I wouldn't be surprised. I had another friend tell me about how they suddenly removed his guild's tower and never did anything about it or talked with him (he was the gm for his guild) and because of that, it basically killed their guild. I suppose I could remake this thread in the general discussions if that would get anyone's attention to these issues EME has been having as of late.
  • Hi there @xXEruneXx,

    I apologize for the miscommunication on my part. There were a few changes to the schedule, and the communication wasn't consistent.

    To remedy this and to make sure those that added their submissions between that 12 pm - 12 am window will get to participate as well.

    I'll be creating a forum post that will show all of the submissions (excluding the winners on the EME side) and a vote on googleforms.

    Everyone will get 3 votes. Those with the top 3 votes will be added as the winners. Their reward will be equivalent to the EME rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

    It'll start today (August 27) and end on Friday (August 31). Winners will be announced on stream September 7th, and there will be a news post to show all the winners as well, both EME and Community winners.

    I'll also add that forum post with all of the submissions for everyone's enjoyment!

    I'm aiming to complete everything by end of day today, so please have patience as I have PAX things and other things to do today.

  • KitTeaCup wrote: »
    Hi there @xXEruneXx,

    I apologize for the miscommunication on my part. There were a few changes to the schedule, and the communication wasn't consistent.

    @KitTeaCup thank you for noticing this issue and I appreciate you taking the time to address it.
  • Absolutely! I want the artist community, and players, to know that I care about them! And seriously, my bad.

    So far we've been getting a lot of participation, so please make sure to share so we can give these artists some love! :)
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