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Did naming restrictions get stricter?

Cause I can't use the name I used in beta.


  • Beta Names were Wiped, so maybe another player has taken the name you previously had used.
  • Nope, says "name violates the rules of conduct", not "name is unavailable".
  • Ah okay, sadly cannot fix that in the short-term, longer term, yes. Was looking for Filter Feedback in this Thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/22586/tera-console-chat/p1
  • I lost my OG name thanks to this name wipe bs, OMFG. Is there anyway i could get it back?
  • No, they didn't. If you are on the ps4, you see how there's kind of like a word predictor near the top of the keyboard as you're typing? You can't use that to make your name, you have to type every letter out manually. This happened to me even during the beta
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