Regarding CH exclusion in merge



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    vkobe wrote: »
    i really feel the end for our tera :'(

    after this there'll be nothing left to merge so yea, this is the end

    after this merger, they will either merge all the servers into one or the game will shut down all together
  • Why can't those who want the merge just transfer?
  • Hoobs wrote: »
    Why can't those who want the merge just transfer?

    you lose 5 glyph points when you transfer. also you may only get so many free transfers.
  • I have been in CH for 4 years and never transferred any place. Everyone went to play MHW and other popular games that just came out. #SaveCH
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    Hoobs wrote: »
    Why can't those who want the merge just transfer?

    Mostly because they have to buy character, bank, and wardrobe slots, and find a way of moving over all the surplus gold. They could do it, but it's expensive (even when the transfer itself is free). If they merge, the cost is less (because the number of slots will be equal to the max on the highest server).

    And the second issue is that if a lot of people do just transfer off, the population of CH will drop further, and then there's a good chance we'll have to merge it again later. So people want them to get over with it now.

    (That said, as long as the bank situation is what it is, I think it would have to be done in two steps anyway.)
  • Hoobs wrote: »
    Why can't those who want the merge just transfer?

    also bc if we do transfer we lose almost all of our items, guild level, and friends. not everyone can spend 800k on additional char slots on a new server and bank slots either
  • Eme please #SaveCH
  • #SaveCH
    our brother of the [filtered] server needs our help.
  • I don't see why eme couldn't make the new servers to where you can have unlimited amount of characters. that way no one would have to lose anything. I do like the idea that one person had on here about any overflow of characters that couldn't go into the new server could go to ch instead of having to delete them.
  • -le sigh- So, does this mean our characters on CH are saved since the server is a standalone? lol .. Name wise >_> Upon loggin in at least or are we counted as somewhat of a "who has played the character longer keeps the name" ? lol
  • The reason to not just merge CH sounds like [filtered].
  • I like that we are not being merged.
  • DXM wrote: »
    I like that we are not being merged.

    so do i
  • As a player who has played on CH since the VSN patch, I can say with certainty that both the RP community and the PVE community has completely died, and it's nearly impossible to get any runs for even mid tiers like TRN, let alone actual content. RP events never happen anymore, and everyone is forced into cross queuing with people on other servers, which has a whole host of problems, or just queue the jackpot battleground all day long because you can't lfg any parties and dungeon queues take forever and often have people who are minimum gear and have no idea how their class works wiping until the party disbands. CH is completely dead and any data that supports the server being active has to be something like 'total characters' ignoring their activity, or taking accounts created, because, having nothing to do many people just sit lvling alt classes and memeing in lvling dungeons. Looking at lvl 65 activity, dungeon activity, CU activity, LFG activity, total number of chat messages sent, or any other remotely logical metric would clearly show how extraordinarily inactive the CH server is. RPers, PvPers, PvErs, and even PvERPers would benefit from a server merge. CH needs to be included in this server merge, and I've already heard dozens(aka nearly all) of the still active players on CH say they're simply going to quit because trying to transfer their assets over with transfer rules is extremely difficult and time consuming, and they'll have to spend a massive amount of gold to get back what they would normally have on CH...not to mention other games are coming out that are easy to get into where the players wouldn't have to fight a company that doesn't understand them in the slightest and claims to be doing things 'in the interest of the players' while ignoring the uproar from those very players stating how ludicrous proposed ideas (like this not merging CH plan) are. Merge CH. It's the only logical conclusion, and you may save active and contributing members in this game that so desperately needs them.
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