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Regarding CH exclusion in merge



  • Just gonna BUMP this poll https://strawpoll.com/k639ze8h wether or not CH should be merged

    I've played 5k hrs in this game originally from VoT then FF, quit for a bit moved to CH, chill server more casual but like.... it's dead, it needs a merge just like the others, and as previous posters have stated HAVING RP IN THE SERVER NAME MEANS NOTHING hell there are players on AV, TR, MT, FF who have a few who RP or [filtered] it means nothing, most CH players are just chill talking ect, and what's the harm in throwing it in with the other PvE servers? when I moved here only 2 guilds doing HH where Pixar and Sushi Cat, and every man and his dog was trying to get into Pixar, you've got players on CH wanting to do things but it's tough with the small player pool, so why [filtered] on your playerbase by denying them what they've been wanting for at least a year or more? Tera is a game with COUNTLESS bugs and such, people aren't playing as much for the game, their playing cause of friends and forcing people to leave a server to still play the game forces them to choose, do I wish to play ? or stick with friends ? or just go to another game completely....
  • Say if they merge CH with MT and AV to one PVE server. It won't be long till after the merge they will open up a new PVE server (just like EU did).
    They should make CH a new PVE server.
  • I have been playing for almost 4 months now. I love this game. I have to agree, the server is quickly dying due to people moving over to MT. I would like to advocate for CH to merge with MT. For it is a server filled with wonderful people that I would desire to continue to play with. If we don't merge, CH will be left with a tiny player base for many have already vowed to leave.
  • I feel like all options leave CH getting kinda shafted. If you wanna move you're basically guaranteed to lose all character slots and your names you were previously known by, cause if you xfer you don't have the option of being the one with the most playtime on that name or the option of getting your highest character slots given priority and moved over so people who care about those things are left having to pay for more character slots or hunt for a new name, when some people have had theirs for years. If you stay you get to play with the 3 other people on the server. Nice decisions.
  • So if I do decide to use free transfer and move from CH to TR for example, I will have to buy Character slots, bank slots and wardrobe slots again, while people who are already in those servers don't have to do same?

    It would make sense if there was no server merge, bust since people will want to move because of server merge they should be given some slots at least.

    I see some EME stuff members believe in data and call it realistic... hate to tell you, but you have lost touch with reality... data and numbers will tell you nothing at all in this case.

    Have to applaud this decision to exclude CH though, need genius to come to that.
  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    They aren’t thinking of the players though. If we transfer we will lose friends, friendship bonds on our friend list, our gold unless we get ripped off by buying a crap ton of diamonds, probably our character names unless they have a lot of play time and character slots unless your maxed out. It’s not the end of the world EME, if you transfer us into the other pve server, it’s what we want and what you should do. If the letters RP mean that much, merge CH to the pve server and make that one pve rp, either way it will STILL be pve and THEN the server will be healthy. Your “data” lies. The server isn’t healthy. It’s not active. People afk is not active. There’s supposedly a bug that you lose 5 glyph points after transferring. No one wants to lose their glyph points. Active means your character is moving around. There may be a lot of accounts but those aren’t active either. You guys would know this if you played like we do.
  • natianatia ✭✭✭
    You're telling me I could be wasting my time and resources transferring my characters off this dead server, potentially losing my names since it's not on a longest playtime basis when transferring, using/buying new character slots, bank slots, trying to cram all my [filtered] into the characters I can transfer off (I have 6 bank slots that are all FULL) , remaking my guild and organizing old guildies to the new one, levelling up the new guild to lvl 160+ which took YEARS.

    Then once all that happens and your new "data driven observations" convinces you to merge CH, all that time and effort put into doing all that above is for nothing? And for what???????
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    BBQ wrote: »
    Say if they merge CH with MT and AV to one PVE server. It won't be long till after the merge they will open up a new PVE server (just like EU did).
    They should make CH a new PVE server.

    I think you're confusing MT and TR no? That would make way more sense as a PVE server after all.
    Typo aside, I don't really see the population as being big enough to warrant another new server even with all 3 PVEs merging. Heck merging all 5 wouldn't necessarily overload the servers who am I kidding they're always overloaded.... I don't think they would need to create another new server afterwards, the only real issue on the massive (if we even can call it that) resulting PVE server would be names being more scarce, and up to 40 instead of 60 characters per account.

    Also I don't really get your "They should make CH a new PVE server." as, well, it kinda is a PVE server anyway. If you mean just dropping the RP title then it's more of a semantics thing than actual server organization.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    I see some EME stuff members believe in data and call it realistic... hate to tell you, but you have lost touch with reality... data and numbers will tell you nothing at all in this case.

    Have to applaud this decision to exclude CH though, need genius to come to that.

    Actually, if the proper data is used, it really is way more precise than a small percentage of people on a forum saying something. That's the issue tho, what kind of data are they using?

    You could go with the ridiculous simplistic method of looking how many accounts/characters are on this server, how many people log in daily in average, or you could go with something that properly checks how the actual activity is on the server, like how much each character moves in average compared to other servers (counting BGs and dungeons), average chat characters per minute per player and the form of distribution (to see if it's not just a single crazy dude spamming daily), amount of players interacting with NPCs and such. This could then check if CH players just either like to log in and AFK, if they log in to chat, if they're running any content including questing and leveling, or if the vast majority logged in are just bots.

    I'm curious about what is that actual factual data. You know, you can call any graph factual data and make correlations of any kind. If that correlation makes sense or not is another story. I could easily find some stats about bubble gum sales and mortality of kids in Africa and make a correlation between them to decide if bubble gum is killing African kids or not. I just hope EME has proper data instead of either ridiculous correlations like the above, or simplistic and thus unrealistic data that fools the one checking it.

  • DokibunDokibun ✭✭✭✭
    Have CH Merge with PVE. Problem solved.
  • Put half of CH in Pvp server and the other half in Pve. Easy fix
  • Why can't EME just make it a vote of some sort instead of waiting for the activity to go down before they merge CH with the rest of the servers? That's like waiting for a virus to start killing people before you decide to make a cure.

    With the way EME is handling this whole thing, this gives CH players 3 [filtered] choices:
    1) stay on CH and give up on doing content with friends who do decide to transfer.
    2) transfer but lose all the guild stats, some items, costumes, gold and what not.
    3) quit the game entirely

    Do you really want to tear whole guilds apart? I don't know if the EME team realises that there are human beings behind each name. It's not just a fictitious entity. There's real people here. Would you just split apart whole families? Separate brothers from sisters? Tear apart parents from their kids? Why is that any different from tearing guilds apart?

    Also, the data driven observations doesn't mean anything to me since you don't show the data. As far as i'm concerned, saying "we are monitoring the data" just means "I do what I please, and I don't care about your opinions".
    If you want people to believe you, show the actual data you used and how you used it to come to the conclusion that CH shouldn't be merged.
  • Why did people join a rp server for pve?
  • I was really hoping for CH being left alone *shrug* so I'm happy!
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