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Changing TERA from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4



  • clfarron4clfarron4 ✭✭✭✭
    Vinyltails wrote: »
    As much as people want this, BHS is never gonna do it...just look at A:IR their newest game, that's on UE3 in 2018...there is no way they're gonna touch UE4

    Besides, it's too much effort for them and BHS hates effort..we've asked for this before along with other basic stuff but yeah...Just another thing they're gonna laugh at and ignore dispite the support

    Does anyone remember Project EXA? The base character models have already been done, but that's as far as they got.
  • Made an account here just to sign, doubt they'll actually do it, but hey we gotta try at least.
  • Anything to help the game grow
  • 100% support this.
  • Hopefully they do this 100% support
  • Yes please!

  • I also support this!
    I totally back this up!! one of the main reasons I left the pc version years ago, the frame drops and crashes made the game nearly unplayable for me which is a pity because I loved it from day 1 and fell in love with the combat system on this game, even though in console the game seems to run smoother than what it did on my pc years ago it still aparent that the limitations of unreal engine 3 are still present, Gridiron just got released on console and for me its nearly unplayable with the recurrent freezes. please fix theese issues
  • I am in favor of an update from UE3 to UE4!
  • TLXTLX ✭✭
    *Changing Tera console to u e 4* *ps4 explodes*
  • T5GA9WFXT9T5GA9WFXT9 Highwatch ✭✭
    100% support this !!!!!
  • I am absolutely 100% in on this petition. I believe Tera has so much more potential and allow players to return. I don’t specifically enjoys the crash but as long as you guys are working hard, we will continue to support you the team to bring us better graphic and quality contents. <3
  • Agreed. Please do this.
  • I whole heartedly support this. If you want players to continue to play the game, you need to stay current with the engine. And while you’re at it revamp the graphics for priest skills they look so lack luster.
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just saw this thread and the announcement of BnS.

    Unfortunately, this is entirely up to BlueHole Studios, and if they do not see any profit of improving the game performance by moving to a better and more powerful engine, they wont do it.

    They are still too busy trying to milk whats left of PUBG.
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