Anyone have any guesses or does eme want to tell us which level 65 dungeon is coming out next?

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  • YhayYhay ✭✭
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    Hey, the next end-game dungeons are..

    Velik's Sanctuary (NM) and Velik's Hold (NM/HM)

    Velik's Sanctuary (HM)

    New low-mid dungeons, (maybe, according with pc patch notes)
    The Abscess
    Bathysmal Rise
    Kalivan's Challenge

    These instances are closing their doors (maybe, according with pc patch notes)
    Sky Cruiser Endeavor (HM)
    Vault of Kaprima
    Shadow Sanguinary (NM/HM)
    Lilith's Keep (NM/HM)
    Ruinous Manor (NM/HM)

    Hope this helps you.



  • @Yhay Thank you for putting the list together for me :D I was getting ready to throw that together for my guild, but just using your list instead and of course giving credit where credit is due
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