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CH server merge with TR and AV

Does the server merge rules for names still apply with CH coming in? Like everyone in TR and AV has to compete with CH for names now? I think its unfair for servers that didn't need a merge from the beginning to have to compete with multiple servers for names now.


  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    LmaoDylan wrote: »
    Does the server merge rules for names still apply with CH coming in? Like everyone in TR and AV has to compete with CH for names now? I think its unfair for servers that didn't need a merge from the beginning to have to compete with multiple servers for names now.

    About servers that didn't need a merge, dare I say, it's either:
    1: No such thing existed. All 5 were in dire situation, some just with less life-support gear, others in full coma;
    2: None needed a merge, they actually needed a proper player retention/increase strategy.

    The point is still valid tho, that the name conflict increases. May as well check my names to see if any conflict but I somehow doubt there would be the same name in 3 servers (already on the rope for TR's name holder).

    If anything, they should just get that name wipe done already before the merge, like literally on the same maintenance downtime as the merge, to heavily reduce the chance of name hoarders sniping it and recreating the issue on the spot (tho the play time thing would still kill that off).
  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    CH needed a merge and yes you probably will have to comply between the 3 servers now.
  • I was saying the TR is completely fine without CH, kinda unfair to screw us over for them
  • can CH not be merged. that would be great
  • LmaoDylan wrote: »
    I was saying the TR is completely fine without CH, kinda unfair to screw us over for them

    yeah but we cant do anything about it, im not worried about my names, i think i can get all my names and even one that is dead from long time ago that noone uses anymore and i have the play time for take it
  • MinazukiMinazuki ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    I think i going lose the name on my slayer...
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    ye merge erping with us to get more erping B)

    now we will see if i have to delete characters or not, if i have to do that it is farewell tera we will see in hell :)
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    LmaoDylan wrote: »
    I was saying the TR is completely fine without CH, kinda unfair to screw us over for them
    "the players stuck on the dead server should continue to suffer because i want to keep my character name"
  • LmaoDylanLmaoDylan
    edited September 2018
    Free server transfers, the gold cap even increased. I don't see why TR has to take the short end of the stick? Now we have to compete 3 way for names. I am not saying they have to suffer, there are ways for them to leave rn. Why does TR have to take a hit because people from another server are complaining their server is dead.
  • edited September 2018
    what's with that dumb "them against us" attitude. we're all playing the same game in the same region and it's not anyone's fault that they didn't pick MT or TR as their starting server. TR isn't even living up to its hype these days so maybe after the merge you guys can finally get 5 good people together to do uppers =)

    the merge is going to help the game overall, including TR. It's a bit late but it's better than nothing. All this [filtered] over names is ridiculous.
  • LmaoDylanLmaoDylan
    edited September 2018
    Tera population displays a similar trend every patch, you see spikes at the beginning and then everything dies down because players who push content have already finished gearing within 1-2 weeks of the patch. Theres not much else to do after that so people play other games. You can find people to play with on TR easily if you are part of the guild discords. Its not that there aren't people, its just that people don't sit on game waiting for a lfg because they don't need to. You can easily fill a AAH/Uppers in TR. Even then LFG is pretty lively if you are on during peak times. I agree with you that added people to the server won't hurt, it'll make it healthier but the issue I have is that the server is doing okay on its own without the merge. So why is it that the server which is doing fine has to suffer because other server are not doing as well? I understand its not their fault their server is dead but the bulk of the population of the new server will really be TR so why do people in TR have to compete for their character and guild names? Especially since we did not need this merge. Its one thing that we have to merge with AV but now also CH. Its just unfair to us because now we have to compete with not only 1 but 2 servers for names. Names may be trivial to you but some people pay very high prices for names they like. It feels very much like a us vs them because you have "X" name but then person "A" from server "K" also has name "x" but you've had that name forever. Now you feel threatened because you have no idea how much play time person "A" has and worry that you might lose a name that basically defines your character. Now on top of that comes person "B" from server "L" which just so happens to have name "x". Now you have another person to worry about. The best part is that person A and B probably don't even play the game anymore. I am at the point where I can potentially only save only one of my names because most of my other characters only have 40-50 days of play time. Now this is just character names, but what about guild names too. There are guilds on both AV and CH that are inactive but share the same name of some bigger guilds on TR. The issue is that these guilds were created before the ones on TR but the ones on TR are not only a higher level but also active. Isn't unfair that they have to "petition" for their name? Even though its evident that they are they only active one using the name. It also comes into question how Enmasse would even decide what guild gets to keep the name since there are 3 guilds now.

    TLDR: Its like when you have a perfectly fine car but then your mom decided to trade it in and get you a newer car. Sure the new car is slightly nicer but there was nothing wrong with your old car. Now you're stuck paying for a new car that you didnt even need.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    But the health of the game as a whole depends on everyone being able to get where they need to go, not just TR. And AV has nothing but a broken subway and CH has had a pickup but no gas for it every other week.

    This will hopefully fix things for the rest of the population, and once we get past the problems of merging you will hopefully notice benefits on your broker, your lfg and elsewhere. If nothing else it may lengthen the life of Tera, prolonging the health of YOUR server, too.

    I'm sorry we are messing with your game. I hope we can make it worth it to you as time goes on.

    Edit--never leave the "p" out of "hope". It changes the meaning of the sentence entirely >.<
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    LmaoDylan wrote: »
    snip for space
    To reply to this giant wall:
    1: CH/AV need to "make TR suffer" (lol) because even if TR's population is fine, their population is not and it is hurting the game as a whole. CH and AV put together would make a new FF- a server dead at birth. So for the sake of the health of the game, they're merging.
    2: If you're an active player with lots of hours on your character, you won't have to compete much for it. Orrrrrr you could actually have an original name and it wouldn't be taken (only one of my names are contested through all 3 servers and thats bc that name isnt original at all). If some names are contested and that player is inactive, you can get the name back when the name wipe happens after the merge.
    3: If you're buying names, that's your fault. It's a shady and unsavory practice that supports scamming.
    4: It's perfectly fair to have guild names be petitioned. Even if a guild is small, if they've been around for a long time then they deserve that name. If it's inactive, I'm sure EME will award the name to the guild with the highest level since it's apparent that they're active.
    5: I'm attached to my names too. I'd be sad if i lost any (and I'll probably lose that one I mentioned). But you know what? It's a f2p video game. They're pixels. If they mean that much to you that you're not going to be able to recover or you think the game as a whole should suffer for it- you've got some issues.
  • TsinTsin ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    What I'm reading:
    "Waah what do you mean I might lose the name Cookie/Sasuke/Cloud/Spoon because we're merging with CH even though I was probably going to lose it when we were merging with AV? CH is clearly the problem! Why do we have to merge with them? They should just stay their own server so if they want to do any content outside of IMS they have to server transfer and lose their names! I'M the only one who can be called Cookie/Sasuke/Cloud/Spoon! ME!"

    You kids clearly missed this little nugget in the FAQ back when it was posted (y'know, before it was announced that CH was merging with anyone back when it was just AV/TR and FF/MT) about what to do for the server merge:

    · Start planning backup character names. While we wish we could promise your name will not be taken, you could abruptly find yourself needing to think of a new name

    But you're totally right. It's clearly CH's fault.
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