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Weekend events unfair

Why do events on weekends most people like myself who support this game are not rewarded as we work weekends why not run events for a full week so it's fairer on everyone otherwise I refuse to support this game whats the point if we are missing out on every event going soon it will be bye bye en masse as you don't give a hoot about your players i have spent hundreds of pounds supporting this game and so enough is enough


  • I prefer full week ones too would be nice
  • Games like this are supposed to be balanced this is not balanced this game only supports gamers who work Monday to Friday not Friday to Monday
  • Most games are like this though so it is what it is
  • Maybe because the population is highest on the weekends? No offense, but you come off as a bit self-centered
  • I agree with 5ACKTD7LAR....
  • Yes i think its unfair if Events are only Weekends. I play with alot of People who work Weekends and they cant fully use Those Events.
    Where is the issue in doing These Events the Whole week?
  • Shiny95Shiny95 Germany ✭✭
    Prefer 7 days :p
  • Thank god I have a lot of time on my hands.
    .... I am as most of my friends mostly available on weekends, cuz during the week i work in shifts and have a family....

    as you see it's not possible to please everyone so be real and understand it's server population activity wise chosen timelines.
  • I definitely support having the events run for the full week.
  • I just saw the announcement that Double Vanguard rewards will be running for a WHOLE WEEK! Thank you so much for the week long event, Tera team, and thank you @Reapertime1066 for making this post! :)
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