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Instance Matching ps4

Hi. I I'm having trouble instance matching for my first dungeon BoL. I select instance matching from the menu and check off the box next to Bastion of Lok and proceed. The page will keep loading for a long time, probably 5 minutes, and then will not connect with anyone. I have tried this numerous times. I am a level 22 Warrior so I'm within range. Am I doing something wrong??? Please help!!!


  • gufymikegufymike mod
    edited September 2018
    No, most likely no one else or not enough players or healers are trying to run it. If you're looking to level fast, kumas at 22 is fine, story quests and bams should be what you're looking for. It is really hard to get im to pop at most levels, but keep trying and while waiting for that, queue for kumas and do the other things. If this is for the completionist in you, you can always go back and run the dungeon solo at any point, even post 65.
  • Actually instance matching isn't good on 65lvl as well. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get into 410ilvl dungeon. And often tank will ask the group to kick him before start (why did he queue then?) and it will take another 30-60 min to find another tank (probaby because noone wants to enter dungeon in progress). So you'll be able to run a 410 dungeon 2-3 times during an evening if you're lucky.
  • Most players get to max level fairly quickly so it can be hard to find groups your level. It's definitely best to kill monsters while waiting for yours queues and to not bank on having them pop.
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