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How can i send messages?

How can i send messages in the forum to orher people?


  • Click on that person's name. This will take you to an "About" page for them. On that page is a link titled "Message". Just click that link to bring up a message dialog box, to send them a message.
  • Shiny95Shiny95 Germany ✭✭
    Yea ty. Found it now too i has to reach rank 2 to send message ^^
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    Shiny95 wrote: »
    Yea ty. Found it now too i has to reach rank 2 to send message ^^

    OK, that's cool you found it. I didn't know anything about the forum rank thing, until I happened to see a message a while back, saying I was rank 2. I didn't even do that much, just contributed to a few threads. Rank 2 will come for you pretty quickly, if you are active in a few discussions. :)
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    hertavein wrote: »
    see here is no Message title link


    As Shiny95 said above, you have to be "rank 2" in the forums, in order to be able to message people. It doesn't take a lot to get to rank 2, but it requires contributing to some forum posts with comments (I don't know exactly how many). According to your profile page, you have only posted one comment in the forums, which I am guessing was this comment. Once you have been active enough in the forums to reach rank 2, then you will be able to message people. The system will send you a notification when you go up a level. :)
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