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Thank You Very Much for the Bravery Potion Update!

En Masse did us the very nice favor of swapping everyone's old bravery potions, that had 1 hour cooldown, to the new version that only has a 20 minute cooldown. This is an awesome quality of life change and should not go unnoticed.

This: HYWvIXq.png is now: xTQvmHR.png

Thank you En Masse Entertainment. <3

@CobaltDragon @KitTeaCup @Denommenator @BearShoes


  • oh wow. That is actually pretty neat
    Not trying to ruin your parade at giving credit, but this was done on KTERA a long time ago and we finally got this patch. Enmasse had no credit to do this that is "unique" on this server.

    Not to mention it's old bravery which nobody uses compared to "strong" version.

    In other words, nothing has changed, but maybe that's good for plebs I guess, so that's that.
  • Yeah they gave us one quality of life and took away extra gear exp so you can lose hours of exp, and reduced the amount of gold for entry level dungeons so now new players will have to wait longer in que because no one is doing these dungeons.
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