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Berserker unleashed skills keybinds get reset every time you relog

• What happened: When you use the berserker skill unleashed, your keybinds are supposed to change to be unleashed skill only, and they will be saved at whatever position you had previously. However, if you relog right now the keybinds for unleashed skills will reset to their default key.

• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: First noticed 10pm pdt, Thursday Sept 13. This issue clearly came from this new patch.

• Reproduction Steps:
1) Log on to an apex berserker.
2) Cast unleash
3) Move the unleash skills or unbreakable into different hotkey slots
4) Optionally wait 4 or so minutes and unleash again to see that the unleash skills are still the same
5) Relog
6) Cast unleash
7) Notice that the unleash skills have been reset on hotkeys (Issue)

This is a massive QoL issue to anyone who does not use the default keys that needs to be looked over. It's like if you have thunderstrike bound to left mouse button, and then I tell you that you must use the esc key.


  • Further information, when I logged on to another zerk I own, the first use of unleash had hotkeys from before, so this was correct. However, after I relogged that zerk the hotkeys got reset.

    My understanding of how settings are saved is that when you log out of a character, it sends to the server all the settings information. The fact that my first time using unleash since the patch used my custom bindings, and then got reset when I logged out of the character seems to indicate that the issue lies somewhere in the part where it sends to the server all the settings information after logging out.
  • Hi everyone!

    I wrote in the other forum post pointing to this one. I've shared this with Bluehole!

    However, if anyone is having this issue, I really hope you're sending in support tickets and sharing your issues so we can fix this!

    Thanks again :)
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