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Item pass dragon

The main thing that was wanted,even more so from players that came from pc was the Dragon reward, after throwing money into a pass and waiting MONTHS for it to finally come,it gives hp and mp regen instead of 2.0 crit power buff,let alone even the 1.5...??? Please tell me it's a bug that is planned to be fixed and not something so horrible that i wouldnt of payed 20$ if that for everything in the pass to get at once. So far this has been by far a huge disappointment and a huge waste of money,the rest of the item pass items were tradable to give to guildies but you cant even sell the worthless dragon to compensate for something,please fix this before my head explodes.


  • ChrisLChrisL Probably not playing this dead game. ✭✭
    Okay ill just take it as we got pissed on and laughed at,good to see how it will go in the future for this game early on before any other trap deals come out.
  • Its not okay what happened with this itempass. In my opinion its okay that the lootbox dragon is better then the other ones but its not okay that the dragon from the IP looks like the same as the dragon which u can farm through vanguards. And we only get 1% hp and mp reg, I thought the IP would contain something special but we got roasted. We dont even got it a week before everyone else, it was a waste of my money I will never buy any dlc or IP again.

    Everyone in my guild who bought that IP fell scammed. But sadly no one will write it here at the forum because they think enmasse dont care about that.
    Just my 2cents and sry for that bad grammar
  • edited September 2018
    Ok was so stupid to by the Item pass, but i learned my lesson and will never buy a dlc again
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