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cannot log in through facebook

my friend has made and used his account by connecting through facebook from the very start, and thus don't have an actual forum/launcher log in. there seems to be something wrong with the facebook log in because everytime after he types his info, nothing happens. same on site as with on launcher. he said it worked once and he was able to check to see if his character names were saved, then he exited and now cannot get back in. any known fixes for this before servers come back up?


  • My friend is also experiencing the same. He could not log onto the forums at all during the merge, but managed to log onto the launcher. After he logged off the game, he could not log back on at all. The Facebook login window disappears immediately after clicking it, not allowing him the chance to even enter in his login details.
  • same for me i enter my details then nothing happens , im also getting User Authentication Failed when i try to log in without Facebook , hope they fix it soon!
  • yea same here with the user authentication. if i dont use facebook to log in then that happens even though i've been playing fine for the last few weeks..
  • same thing here , help EME
  • Same here... pls eme fix it :c i want to play...
  • We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
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