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Can't log into Launcher PERIOD.

Tried logging in with Facebook, and it just opened Facebook login box and then after i typed in my information it closed it and didn't do anything. I tried again by just typing in my email and password and now I'm getting user authentication failed even though this is the first and only account I've tried logging into today... :/


  • THey said they have found what's causing this and they are working to fix it , wont take more than a couple of hours imo , best is to wait now!
  • We have deployed a fix for the issue. Players should be able to log in using their Facebook accounts.
  • yep works for me now , very nice job support!!
  • Seems to be working on my end too, thanks! :3
  • iCandyKillziCandyKillz ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    I still can't log in... It wont even let me in the game with the non-facebook one.. :/
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