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Regarding the silver talent issue

so recently as in friday september 21st 2018 i asked on stream a simple question, how is eme going to deal with the lack of silver talents in game currently given that we just got new jewelry and heroic oath enchanting which requires huge sums of silver plates per attempt and a single plate requires 4 talents to craft. the cm on stream looked up into the air, bit her lip and then told me to look at the ss/sshm token shop for talents since golden talents are there. sadly i regret to inform you madam cm and eme employees talents are not in that token shop and atm there is basically no method of farming them in game for jewelry or gear so again i pose the question how do you all plan to address this issue?
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  • Xd frist golden talents now silver talents.

    Guess all depends of ktera patch, silver and golden talents buyables from bellicarium credits.
    But pvp dont work 24/7 only at nights or weekends.
    Guess wont be enough.
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    Just put current rates of golden talents/darics/plates from SSN/SSH into all dungeons respectively for their ilvl..... Little increase wouldn't hurt either.
    Currently on Velika server golden plates are 600g each.... up from 400g few days ago. Supply is going down really fast.

    Players are like a starved child and when EmE throws us a bread crumb they expect us to be grateful.... instead of properly feeding us all along
  • or add silver talents iod bams ._.
  • I agree. This issue needs to be fixed. Right now, you can't buy silver or gold. 244 golden plates and silver for 1 try at 23% success is insane
  • I highly doubt they have the ability to do this but increasing low tier IoD stash drop rates to 10 gold talents per box and 5 silver talents per box would at the very least give us a way to farm them. I feel that those amounts won't kill the market for crafting and selling them either.
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    The system is obviously working as intended. Otherwise it wouldn't take this long to fix.
  • VirtualON wrote: »
    The system is obviously working as intended. Otherwise it wouldn't take this long to fix.

    yeah its working as intended when you clear 3 i level 439 dungeon and only get 2 silver talent call that its working please be real. Eme sticks and stick a sticks look before the server merged they had a few caiman spawning events with no announcement it was fun they can do something about this you got a decent supply of silver talent from them Eme can do some thing but I don't know what going on in their brains. Things that should be fixed right away they don't fix and they not going to respond at all. What makes this situation even worst is that because of RNG you can fun 10 dungeon and ain't get a single silver talent ty bhs.
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    God knows what EME's intentions are but it is clearly working as intended. CM's official response in stream : "You guys should definitely check the SSHM tokens out". A token, which after 50 runs, will give you one diamond, which you can sell and buy gold/silver talents ?!? It is as real as it gets.

    You all should stop complaining and instead stop playing the game altogether so EME might wake up, like GF once did. Or not because their intention might be to close down the game for good.
  • We dont need an event thatll bandage the situation or ease it FOR NOW. We need a permanent solution. Give talents respectively to the dungeon's difficulty as VG rewards or PERMANENT double VG as it was before.
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    Spend 4 hours running/waiting on queue for dungeons just to get matched with retards, take 15 minutes per boss, get 2 silver talents at the end when you need 50+ for a single 5-10% try, SOUNDS GOOD
  • I wish our CM and EME cared about the gold/ silver talents situation but is clear, that not only they see this as an insignificant issue but also they are completely clueless as to what is going on. The streams lately have been an eye opener of how inept our CM and EME are at handling the decisions needed to make the game move forward in a positive way. I'm on the same camp as the people asking for a new CM, one that is actually informed about the community and its not looking baffle as to what is going on most of the streams. Because right now knowing you'll have to stall your progression for how many days/ weeks/ months do to the fact that the availability of talents is so limited and in small quantities while the gear required massive amounts makes the game absolutely garbage and not fun to play. And we have to remember as an MMO one of the core concepts is the be able to obtain new and better gear as you grind through content. Now it feels unrewarding to farm for upgrades/ enchantments because the grind for it has to be so intense and unpleasant that completely kills any fun you might have with the game, it simply becomes a chore. So good luck retain your playerbase EME through the following patches cause the future looks really bad.
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    And this is why we need strongbox events again. Don’t get why they removed them in the first place they been in the game for years
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  • LancerJiva wrote: »
    And this is why we need strongbox events again. Don’t get why they removed them in the first place they been in the game for years

    strongbox events are active permanently with new strong box system its just more rng involved
  • To be honest, the current strongbox jackpots (with the possible exception of the noctenium strongbox) do not reflect/replace/resemble the last few strongbox events in any way shape or form. The jackpots are next to nothing, and come off as more of a rip off (where purchasing keys is concerned) than anything... I personally don't really care about how that is now, EXCEPT for the fact the last few strongbox events were our only decent source of talents in game for almost a year now. In particular, the new talent strongboxes do next to nothing to offset this loss of talents from having no strongbox events.
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