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Is there a "casual" way to make gold?

This might be an odd topic, but I thought I'd just ask. This isn't a rant or me bashing EME or BHS.

It's been three years since I last took this game seriously, and I've been having a hard time getting into it (especially when it comes to endgame). This is why I've been hopping around low-level characters to benefit from the current levelling events and rewards. I also couldn't help but notice that loads of players seem to brag about just how much gold they make and just how easy it is to obtain it with an asterisk attached to said statements. This has lead me to believe that the only way to actually make profit in-game is by exploiting EMP rates or by grinding endlessly. So... I'm here to ask if there's any way to make gold without having to drain myself in the process. I have Twisthard gear on two characters (Lancer and Slayer) and I assume I won't be upgrading their equipment to anything superior anytime soon given how much I've been struggling with gold as a whole. I've also tried doing some of these "Guardian" events, but it's just too stressful on my computer and no one has been willing to answer my questions regarding how the event works. I've changed computers three times since 2010 and it seems like I'll never be able to properly play this game with a steady framerate, and I've come to accept that already.

I've heard people mentioning the BAMs on the Island of Dawn? I don't really see what's so special about those, though. I've spent a few hours here and there and haven't received anything worth mentioning from it. Barely even got any Fashion Coupons as well. I should also add that I take some time to take these enemies down. I also have a bunch of costumes (maid, steampunk, bikini, devilicious) from 2015 that I've been trying to sell, but it hasn't been easy since interest towards those seems to be pretty low nowadays.


  • Right now gold mode is Guardian mission and tons of alts.

    Rest are waste time unless you are a whale with +99 stormcry and heroic pay to win. And can spend 12 hours per day playing the same content.
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    As the one above said, Guardian Legion is your casual way to make gold and 3 star dungeons.
  • Outside of grinding the only thing you can do is broker and trading. To really get started in broker you needed to grind beforehand so you had a decent amount of materials, OR rely on EME events or messups and be present to benefit off of it. A good example would be how 10 months ago, EME did a name voucher giveaway that you can obtain per account. If you think about it every name changer now is 90k. People 10 months ago could make alt accounts that would take 3 minutes to do and essentially make 1.8mil an hour, OR straight up buy name changers off the broker since they were 5k-10k for some time.

    Another more recent example is the server merge and name selling. I have seen people sell nice names for 500-1mil each.

    Unfortunately the really massive way you would ever make decent money continuously outside of grinding is broker or trade. Of course there are in between and unspoken money making moves such as craft but that is few and far between. Usually you would need base money to really kick off anyways.
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    Whatever is your way to make gold in this game, you gonna spend everything (and a bit more) paying insane 80g per talents and buying jewels/etc to gear.
    Imho, just don't bother with anything better than SC+0 or twilight jewelry, anything more than SC+4 tbh is not viable anymore for casual players (unlike on pre-Apex patch) that are starting from scratch.
    The problem is, they keep increasing item level (while they nerf what we can farm) and ~2 weeks from now SC+4 will be at best mid-tier (just like FM now) and idk how much content this gear gonna be enought to clear/reap VG rewards cuz the top tier HM content will be 457 ilvl..
  • 1. Ghillieglade (about 5 minutes or less per character in Twistshard gear)
    2. Flying Guardian Mission vanguard quest. about 600 gold iirc per vanguard.
    3. Current event: Rootstock sheep herding. Head to Tagun and do his quest for 4 lambs daily. Cook your bulgogi and save it to sell when rootstock is over. Not much gold but it's decent. (about 2 minutes per quest)

    1 Ghillieglade run is kinda like 1 box of Guardian Legion but with extra mats. Flying guardian mission isn't as stressful as doing the normal guardian mission in Twistshard gear but it's slower too. You do it just for its daily vanguard rewards. These will take less than 40 minutes approx for 2 chars.

    BAMs in Island of Dawn can be divided into 3 tiers (high tier: Nagas, Giants and Hydraths. Mid tier: Fimbrilisks, Teraliths and Fangspawns. Low tier: Basilisks, Orisks and Ovoliths). Each tier has different vanguard rewards, you get 1 vanguard rewards per 10 kills of the same bam. Mid and Low tier vanguards are repeatable meaning you can kill the same bams for 16 vanguard quests, while high tier is limited to only 1 vanguard per bam per day. Low tier gives a box containing 7 golden talents and some other mats. Mid tier gives 3 golden talents and some rng twistshard mats. High tier gives 3 golden talents and some rng frostmetal/stormcry mats. People usually farm low tiers as they give most talents and it's the fastest. Do 16 of low tier iod vanguards, you get 112 golden talents per day.

    As for Guardian Legion Mission, you fill the contribution/dps bar till 100k iirc, to get 1 box containing at least 2 Rubys. Max you can get per day is 40 boxes. Missions are timed and change between locations. The only mission worth doing is blue mission (Bastion and Blightwood). Once per hour, Superior Guardian Mission will pop at Velika Outskirts. This is worth doing only if you and the rest can kill the dragon to get extra rewards when the mission ends, other than the guardian boxes. 40 boxes x 2 rubys = 80 rubys minimum, tho you usually get more than that. Doing guardian mission is slow af on Twistshard toons btw.
  • Other than the Guardian Legion missions, some players do the low-tier IoD quests to farm golden talents, it's preferable to do those when the 2x vanguard rewards event is on, but nevertheless it's 7 golden talents per round, in time it'll add up allowing you to sell them or use them to upgrade your own gear.

    Now, jumping from tw+0 to fm+0 can cost around 40k plus materials, those who have enough resources can brute-force the process, but another reason people like doing Guardian missions is that it gives you 1200 xp points daily. If your computer can't handle this stress test, then an alternative is to farm mid-tier IoD BAM vanguard missions, which give less golden talents as a reward but at the same time give you 60 Ixp points or so.
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    I mean, just like any other MMO, you're going to make money faster the more geared you are. I can make around 30,000 gold in an hour, but that's also because I can do my Guardians within 20 to 25 minutes.

    And no, it's not pay-to-win. people who say that don't know what they're talking about, I started from the same spot as everyone else
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