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PSA: Deleting everyone's posts doesn't make them less true

Body is required.


  • their game, their rules. we have to accept that.
  • You can still respect it by not spending money on the game :D
  • You can still respect it by not spending money on the game :D

    exactly...let your purse or wallet do the talking.
  • This is my first trashpost. I spent 20 minutes typing up constructive criticism on why and how we got in this situation and how it can be resolved. And it was deleted. They have deleted every single thread about the subject except one or two. Many of which were respectful and none of which deserved to be deleted.
  • I have never seen a publisher do this type of censoring to player feedback. It looks extremely bad on EME when they ask for player feedback and then starts deleting/locking threads. While it is their forum to police, it gives an impression that they aren't being heard. Nothing pisses off a player base than not being heard.

    It reminds me of the whole Xigncode3 threads that got deleted. This time around EME is going to do the same thing with this new Poxy issue. I would recommend speaking in terms EME will listen, as in talking with your wallet and time. There are plenty of other free to play MMOs out there, I would recommend that if players are discontent with how EME is running things you can always voice your opinion on discord or Reddit. I would strongly recommnded players try out other MMos and see if this "behavior" from EME is the norm.
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