Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]



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    So, this happened. Can't stand what ya'll are doing to this game any longer
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    See ya all in EU
  • Most topics posted at this points are just repetition of what already been posted. If they choose to turn a blind eye towards the issue as they alway have then there nothing more we can do as a community. You can't force someone to fix something they don't want to fix in the first place. If they actually cared or wanted to fix these issues none of them would exist at this point and time.

    At this point they either don't care or are too prideful to accept any solutions other than their own.
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    So, this happened. Can't stand what ya'll are doing to this game any longer

    Wonder if this is gonna trend
  • it already is heartlsslady. Came home today hoping to play some tera instead came back to a steaming dumpster fire xD. At least the memes are funny and helps kill some time while waiting for Tera EU to install
  • Lmaoo!! Please stop supporting eme BS.. Dont spend a cent.
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    Lmaoo!! Please stop supporting eme BS.. Dont spend a cent.

    I only support games that listen to their player base whether it is about Xigncode3 or about third party programs. Games are meant to be entertaining and fun....while it is entertaining to watch EME start a dumpster fire its not fun for the players. I am playing BnS causally feel free to join me :D
  • Well this is an impressive pile of horse sh*t isn't it. You want some constructive feedback? sure: stop killing your already half dead game, you idiots lol
  • 6,000 hours, thousands of dollars gone, EME you gave up years ago anyone can see that if they've played long enough, stop trying to pretend to care about a game then ACTIVELY try kill it, most the staff must not play the game otherwise they'd see their mistakes. If you care play your own game, the stream a few days ago showed KTC doesn't play the game and that's our CM.... what does that tell the community?
  • I have been playing since the game launched F2P in 2013.
    I have paid for a fair amount of elite subscription and EMP.
    I have several lvl65s characters, all were at one point in BiS gear throughout my time playing.

    It was fun in the good ole days when enchanting didn't cost an arm or a leg, or when we didnt have xingcode to sodomize our computers.

    but now uh....aside from the:

    *Abysmally low FPS across the board on a PC with i7-7700K+GTX 980ti+32GB RAM and crazy ping spikes even though i live on the east coast USA
    (I have good internet.)[img][/img]intspd.png
    *Crap events/vanguards
    *Crap gold/silver talent drops

    I now have no friends to play with because the ones I play with are all either AU,South American and EU players(Who have all spent more than they should on this game).

    There's really not a reason to play TERA anymore, who plays an MMORPG by themselves(except BDO players)? I'll just watch what happens now and see where this goes, I don't think I would've been able to play AAHM or any 5 star dungeon anymore anyways with the FPS drops and ping spikes without proxy.

    I voiced my opinion, I hope others will too because otherwise the game will truly die.

    TERA was the best ARPG to me, but only with proxy supplementing the game's shortcomings. Now its simply unplayable.
  • how many people cheated took more than two hours and did not enter a bg, and I only see people crying and complain about the EME administrators,
    if they want to blame somebody, blame their cheating friends who abused the programs, blame those who they do not need a proxy and they used it to take advantage of the game, blame those cheaters who abused the programs, I said it once in a fwc game before being kicked by cheating players who by using proxies call themselves pro, I said they are going to ban all of them together :)

    I just remind you again, they want to blame somebody, blame yourselves for abusing resources
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    I really do want to see TERA do well. I've been playing for over 5 years and have over 14,000 hours logged in the game. This game has been a pretty big part of my life but I'm about at my end. I want to sit here and rant on and on about the things I want to change but so many have already done that for me. You ask us to give you suggestions about what you can do but you won't listen.

    I can't be bothered to go through years of back logged suggestions to find ones to present to you. That's your job not mine. If you really want to make up for this your going to actually need to make an effort to change or I'm done. I and many others don't have time to deal with your empty promises and childish antics.

    My sentiments exactly. We have told you over and over what we want, especially the more 'hardcore competitive' crowd, and again and again you have not listened. I'll take my $14 a month and occasional cash shop purchase somewhere else.
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    > @Meningitis said:
    > 2: And again, as I said before, ask Bluehole to make skills like archer's Rapid Fire less ping dependent so that players don't feel like they need to use 3rd party programs to do relevant damage when they already have decent ping.

    👆🏻 This
  • So disappointed in EME. The population was finally pretty good after the merge now it feels like a wasteland again. They don’t play the game so they will never understand what proxy helps us with. They see us as kids in a sandbox complaining about our shovel being blue instead of red. Please stop being so stubborn and petty and LISTEN to your players.
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