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Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]



  • 73K5HJREXP wrote: »
    i agree that pve players need a fair palce to play and fight for ranking. However my only complaint has been pvp and people ignore it saying I am arguing to remove the high ping pve player. that is wrong, i fully think pve people should have a fair chance to compete, just dont want sp in pvp, disable it somehow and we have balance. not disagree or unable to see ur point, just if we cant have both, i will rather we dont have it at all then.
    Most pvp player are not arguing no proxy for pve, they just dont want these same people ruining their game for pvp. if u want to have ur haven and balance for pve side, it should be the same for pvp. let us have our side of no wack desync teleportation and hack. i care lses about pve and would rather they be happy.

    A typical example of a player who knows nothing but has a big mouth.
  • 73K5HJREXP wrote: »
    SP is enough but since people like you is not satisfied. they resort to more module....SP is enough.
    people like me don't do this.
    sp is enough.
  • @ManamiC

    Desyncs aside, I think people purpose abusing it should be banned, it doesn't affect memeslashing at all. The 'main' proxy communities have nothing to do with it and heavily policy against this type of thing. It's the hidden, underground communities who update their own tools and modules to try and exploit the game and they aren't being affected by this at all. With this move they're basically alienating the wrong side of the playerbase. I guess they're hoping to have everyone quit and then they can safely ban the exploiters one at a time?
  • This is going to be fun watching the next month's https://steamcharts.com/app/323370
    (I know everybody doesnt play via steam but its something to see playerbase charts)

    I know we as the playerbase who have high ping and/or crappy old computer who needed 3th party stuff to play because servers are so bad will have the last laugh.
    Burn baby burn....
  • ShiroGameShiroGame ✭✭
    edited October 2018

    No more brs and no more cheaters in my game? Sounds like a win-win situation for me ;)

    Yes, ofc , like we all are memeslashers obviously
  • Want to really listen to your community? ... make a pool on the forums. "Do you want to permit an EME verified version of Proxy/DPS meter?", and let people decide what they think that is actually harmful or not for their own gameplay.
  • idk what to say, suddenly when u login the game, everybody is telling u they will leave Tera NA, either going Tera EU or just playing a different game cuz its so hard to restart from zero. Nobody is saying they'll stay, like, Nobody. do u know the sadness of seeing everybody u know, that loves the game, are leaving? how are we supposed to play if theres nobody around anymore. i tried checking everywhere. everybody saying goodbyes, or see ya on EU. its depressing, ppl are crying but eme cant hear it. server merge was good thing, untill the name reset happened, the name sellers spam ruinned everything. theres no hope anywhere. pls save us
  • https://imgur.com/a/bBD9RjK
    Against facts there are no arguments it's Velika server btw
  • Shunkou wrote: »
    Want to really listen to your community? ... make a pool on the forums. "Do you want to permit an EME verified version of Proxy/DPS meter?", and let people decide what they think that is actually harmful or not for their own gameplay.

    Lol ofc they wont do that because the poll will be like 99% yes, 0.1% no and 0.9% undecided. If they did not predict that answer then we can all laugh ^^
  • clfarron4clfarron4 ✭✭✭✭
    For anyone wondering if EME can go back from this, you have to consider this:

    When the other publishers of TERA made decisions that really negatively affected the playerbase, they at least had the fall back of being able to reverse what they did after a day or two, because they kept it internal.

    With this, there is no going back for EME because legal documents have to be completed and signed when submitting a DMCA Takedown Notice. In going back on the DMCA notice, they would be admitting that they committed a criminal offense in signing off a false DMCA notice.
  • i heard ques for bgs are like 1hr + since this mess happened very nice well i'm glad my pc is down, EME better find a common ground quick before it gets worst.
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    imagine a script for wear any costume in the cash shop for free

    I would actually like to point out that arborean apparel, cosplayer and whatever other mod used to exist actually made me buy tons of costumes ingame that I never would because I was able to test them out in combat and so many different lightings etc. Same goes for some of my friends. And I mostly used AA for costumes that do not exist on our version such as alice and the mabinogi one. Also mod costume swapping in tera has been a thing ever since the game came out and it never killed sales lol
    You all realaize that this thread -is- a bait and Eme will do nothing about this entire fiasco once again? Its always the same circle of things :

    Enmasse does something incredibly stupid
    They get backlashed because of it
    Forum thread follows up to *discuss* things
    People write out their little hearts out
    Nothing happens and nothing gets done
    Eme finally cant support Tera online anymore and drops the game as publisher ( hopefully this time around )

    This is the part that hurts me the most honestly. I've read through the whole thread and I've seen so many nice, well written and thoughtful posts, full of people expressing their concerns and talking about a game they love and care about. And I just know eme will acknowledge... not even 1% of what was written here.

    I can't be bothered to write out a huge post anymore, no point.
  • 010f4e853cf0042120930654c3c5da84.png xigncode are you?
  • The facts: They can pool all our comments here in forms, get / be given facts, given proof numbers players need this 3rd party program to be able to even play, and no matter how much Real Life amount money you put in the game that supports them to pay their Employees. They can not fix this issue. It's an old build and was made completely wrong. If they even tried to fix the engine they would break the game completely. So, they stand behind strongly on the Big Bold, Bright, Over baring line and say - No 3rd party programs allowed or be banned legal contract to protect them.
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