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Why are so many players mad? Just got home D:



  • Not giving EME A:IR when it was developed by BHS is kinda saying something about EME
  • situation is half and half. sure maybe pinkie pie discord is good and helpful, not pushing blantant cheating. But then I see people use bern script that gives u full desync teleportation and all sorts of issues. these people will say things such as bern script sucks at pvp or thers desync anyways. that may be true but with them its legit a mess with all these things in pvp. Maybe some modules and proxys are meant to be benevolent and help people, and I dont doubt there are some that do, but 40% of my games in pvp is just plain bern script valkyries or reapers that teleport and cast 3 differnt skills in 1 second. I do not like that and I want that out! Maybe to pve that is a small majority but in pvp experience it ruins the gameplay for me. I also see from people auto lock on and auto plague. please do not tell me this is simply qol and harmless, dont tell me people needed this! And when the same people who do this queue over all day. my problem with pvp is not cu or sync queue. it is fighting unnatural players than may or may not have high ping, but they definately make the experience miserable because they have a advantage now. not equal or less becasue of high ms. if proxy was a test then it was ruined because of greed such as buying and selling scripts for 100 dollar. script sure can be pve personally and that is fine for me. but they need to disable this for pvp becasue it is why i would support anti proxy than not. i am happy my high ping friends can play. i am not happy when they can telport on healer 5 time in a second across map and auto plague important people without any effort!
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    They’re mad because they can’t cheat anymore, sad TBH.
  • LancerJiva wrote: »
    They’re mad because they can’t cheat anymore, sad TBH.

    That's what it looks like to me too.
  • Good riddance.
    Im one that always played with 150+ ping, without any 3rd party programs. If i can do it, so can other people.
    And i've seen some "funny stuff" with people that used those 3rd party programs.
    While some may not use anything that can cause harm to the game or others and that's ok, its the ones that do that ruin the fun to the others. So, delete it all together, im fine with that, finally.
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    LancerJiva wrote: »
    They’re mad because they can’t cheat anymore, sad TBH.

    I don't think I've ever seen "cheaters" in any other game be so open and sincere about it.

    Memeslashers are different from people that use proxy to fix their ping, fps and to track dps. The fact that you're just grouping everyone together is just... well, concerning, because you're going with the same approach and mindset eme is. And we see how well that's turning out!
  • And remember, it's not just about the proxy, it's more than going on that is making people angry. For me it's the dps meter. They're no longer going to support for NA tera by next patch. Endgame content has a timeframe to clear dungeons like aahm last boss or rke or old sshm and rmhm (when they were the hardest content). Without the meter, people wouldn't try as hard and they'll focus too much on doing mechanics but it'd be harder because tera dungeon are becoming more elite. Take Deadspire for example.. The first boss, you only have 10mins to clear it and the boss heals at about 4m hp per sec.. Do you think people who are casual can clear it? How many serious players play without a meter thats not a healer? It wouldn't be clearable since people can't improve themselves since they won't know what's the best rotation anymore and how hard people in their party are hitting once meter is gone. You can't clear aahm last boss if some players 'looks to be doing fine (not taking hits and doing mechanics) and they're not dying' meanwhile a zerker died 4 times times does 4 times the dmg of other skillful players who arent dying and taking dmg but only doing 1m/s..you need a 8m/s+ party dps to clear it.. You see my point? It's not like the old times where anyone who's a good player can clear dungeon anymore. It's all about strong and skillful players who knows their rotations and want to be stronger and stronger
  • Leaderboard would replace moongouard class ranking in a silly and dumb way.
  • There's already at least 400 + players who 'temporarily' quitted NA tera. They're mentally stuck to NA still because of all the time and belonging they have and money spent but moved to EU Tera, my gf and I went to. These are all paying and serious player so I'm not sure how Tera NA can recover... I'm sure that's more than 10,000$ a month just base on people IN EU I saw that came from NA. I, for one, have been playing Tera NA since its free-to-play release which is like over 6yrs now. I invested in over 6500$ in the last 3 years and I'm just 23 making minimum wage because Tera is 30% of my life but that shows how serious I am and how it saddens me to say I hope Eme can recover somehow and hopefully people and myself can return. Eme staffs, they say they want only constructive criticism and to be respectful but how can we give them that when they ignore us and don't respect us and always hide things from us and do things without telling us, like losing our laurels or the note patch having or missing wrong information or delayed. I remember many years ago if a patch was on Tuesday, we'd get news the day before or week before to get ready and get excited.. Sigh, a pity
  • Remember the road map, a page they made for the future development of tera? Promised us that they're working on updating the fashion coupon but more outdatedly, the ACE dungeon which is 2yrs patch too outdated and the dressing room is missing so much. Then after taking it down they said they were too busy working on event projects but now there's a fix type of events that's not so impressive and it's not creative so how are they too busy to update something that been asking for so long now... Seriously.. Check the Ace dungeon medal rewards... The last updated they did was probably 2 months ago by adding a silly arunic ore that costs so much medal that its mediocre to buy when you can get 10+ per 5-15min dungeon.. Lol..
  • People are also angry at the new 6-month employee of EME KitTeaCup because she's a CM. Abbreviation for community manager. But when she live stream, she doesn't give us rewards for watching and the things we learn are things are already know and questions we ask cannot be answered. It's more like as a community, her job is to be able to connect with us and to be able to manage things, but we as a community obviously feel the opposite. We feel offended by the lack of knowledge we think she has towards the game, as well as perhaps she should be able to understand the depth of the game rather than jumping onto the keyboard and than live streaming event that is happening. Like SSHM event, the purpose was to help players get the hammers for a higher chance to get the 2nd best brooch. 60 token for 1 diamond is basically running 1 ssnm+hm = 3 token = 20 times for 60 tokens. Let's say 1 ssnm takes you 20mins and 1 sshm takes you 30mins. Thats 50-1hr while finding players or queuing for the dungeon. So 20 hours nonstop gaming for 1 diamond worth 11k gold doesn't make sense for us, plus the other items included, even though theyre not the intended purpose for the event, it's like a slap to the face for the community.
  • Reviewing the pvp content rewards as well, Champion Skyring or CS or FWC, just to be able to get something as simple as an Elemental Essence which is basically very easily obtain by players, you need 900k credits while 1 winning game gives you about 90k. Say you have a 50% winning rate, thats 15 games. If you game took 15mins, that's already 225min, add in 5min per queue, it's at least 300min which is 6hrs of nonstop pvping for 1 little essence...
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    I just wish we could have a live stream where we could get serious answers why they won't try to make a business deal with Caali or Pinky and implement the proxy fused into the Tera folder with Skill prediction only or whatever you want to do. Did you know they (EME) filed a sue suit against them?
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