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EME please post dg and bg stat then compare it before the 3rd party take down

EME please post the dungeon and battleground statistics then compare it with the statistics before the third party take down. Dungeon lfg is almost dead considering there is a double drop event. My guild has 20 ppl online on average, 40+ during peak hours. But now we only have like 9 ppl online and only 1 doing dg.


  • To prove that their action didn't damage a large amount of the community?
  • why would they need or want to prove that? they never made the claim that the community would be unaffected in the first place.
  • Why do you question me instead of just letting them post it?
  • why ask a question that you know damn well no one's gonna answer? lmao
  • Do i look like i know the dungeon and battleground statistics? lmao
  • @Avroraa thank you (no sarcasm)
    looks tragic :/
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    This is tragic.

    I was watching the LFG a lot during Sunday and this is one of the screenshots taken at 4PM EST.


    It is like some sort of chain reaction where a single fuse managed to lit some other ones and everyting exploded with the population drastically dropping up to the point from where two pages of LFG turned into this while also the dungeon queues greatly changed and of course there are barely any players doing guardian legions ( this looks worse than before the merge ).

    I really hope that EME and the Proxy Devs will agree to talk and fix this one before it becomes irreversible because slowly but surely the players not only started to sell their gear on NA and give up but they also slowly settle down in other places and the chances of them coming back decrease with each day that is passing ( EME has at most very few days to find a compromise and come up with a solution and especially since APEX2 will hit earlier on EU so players that moved there might like it ).

    The thing is that if the PvP is dead and the PvE will die then the in game economy will die as well and then everything else.

    p.s. please be patient and wise
  • Ur funny...Are you really expecting it would stay the same when people who support these so called 3rd party devs are mad and trying to start on eu coz they said "proxy is allowed there" , but guess what? a mod just posted they can get banned for it.
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    TeraNuibe wrote: »
    Ur funny...Are you really expecting it would stay the same when people who support these so called 3rd party devs are mad and trying to start on eu coz they said "proxy is allowed there" , but guess what? a mod just posted they can get banned for it.

    Regardless of what happens on EU:Tera.. the fact remains that NA:Tera lost too many players and now the consequences are already starting to look the way that they look.. when we are not even there yet which is 16th of this month.

    And i am not going to defend the proxy users and neither the proxy devs ( especially since the proxy devs played dirty and took advantage of something to make profit and convince the masses that they cannot live without it to make even more profit and if i was EME then i would definitely do the same that EME did but this situation looks a bit too fragile and i think that EME needed and still needs to be patient and play it smart to keep the upper hand and move the game in the direction that they want ) ... But at the same time no other options were provided by anyone else and the proxy users found a glimpse of hope that helped them to improve their experience in game. And the problem is that way too many players relied on the proxy to improve that said experience so here we are.. in this situation.

    I just hope that a solution will be found and everything will go more or less to normal ( some irreversible damage was already done ).

    p.s. i really want to enjoy that apex gunner after preparing for so much ahead of time
  • @TeraNuibe U R funny.. Are you really expecting us to play with 240-280 ping?
    Majority of the proxy users uses proxy to make their game experience better. Only players who can afford or willing to pay $150 script use exploit. Majority of the proxy users are not using proxy to intentionally use exploit or cheat. Even my guildies who are not using poxy are affected by this because they have no the motivation to play. I can't even see anyone buying emp anymore. This may mean that big amount of eme profit is being lost. Tera is seriously dying as days past by.
  • Avroraa wrote: »
    Moongourd upload stats from this week. 75% less uploads compared with last weekend.

    We need another screenshot of this on the 16th.
  • I am guessing that the population will go back to how it was before the merge with the exceptions that the economy in game will take a hit while LFGs will be a rarity ( especially due to the lack of geared/skilled players and certain classes like healers/tanks ).. and many other small things such as crafting that will be affected.

    I am quite curious to see what will really happen.
  • https://steamcharts.com/app/323370

    Also add steam Tera population
    Game has almost 1700 players in january 2018

    July 2018 has 1376 prom
    And september 2018
    1041 players.

    They lost almost 300 players after merge.

    Steam mark 700 players promedy now. At 01/10 2018.

    Could be lost 600 players in 2 months a good thing for the game. Mmm
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