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A question to Br/SEA/Latin/Astralian players



  • SEA player here. I can't play on EU since MY, SG and PH is region locked. Can't play KTERA, JTERA, TERA TW and TERA TH because of language barrier. I started playing this game since 2014 where proxy wasn't even around (as far as I knew) and TERA was my first MMO too, I didn't know stuff about ping at all.

    TERA is the only good f2p game so far, I tried BnS and didn't like it. BDO isn't f2p, FF isn't f2p either.

    tl;dr: TERA is the only good f2p game and NA TERA is the only option left. Well, was.
  • u wanna know the answer to the question?:


    if u want the lowest ping, then just move to Chicago or near :)
  • Well, 1st of all because i want to, and because the game is good, the main issue about the ms is noticed by any latin player when you go into high lvl or end game content/pvp, them you ask to comunity, they help you out with proxy, so you can improve, them emme remove proxy, you realice actually get [filtered], go into forum, post your insides, get 4 post deleted, get so mad than the N key start calling you, delete the game and go into europe, cause the game combat is awsome, but the engine is pure absolute crap in NA. Thats why we play, because when you notice you cant compite its already a long time into game, and when u get a solution you want to keep playing, now well, i quited the game, thanks emme for getting shiit on every southamerican player.
  • i've known and had many latin players play the game really good in both pvp and pve content before all the proxy and other 3rd party crap came out. so yeah, like i said, we just need to deal with whatever ping we get. there's no way in a billion years for any multiplayer game to expect low ping living 3000 miles away from the server's location.
  • People that leave the game is the ones with terrible ping or hardcore ping dependants.
    A lot of people stay . But wont be the same cause even competitive north america players are leaving.

    If you have a game that were played by almost 1700 persons the last two months.
    And after this you get barely 700 or less players.

    Things wont be good
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Gatokatzen wrote: »
    People that leave the game is the ones with terrible ping or hardcore ping dependants.
    A lot of people stay . But wont be the same cause even competitive north america players are leaving.

    If you have a game that were played by almost 1700 persons the last two months.
    And after this you get barely 700 or less players.

    Things wont be good

    But, but... Proxy users have claimed that 20k players are leaving the game xD
  • Because six years ago there was nothing else out there like it, and even now nothing feels the same way that Tera does (or did).

    I remember watching Tera's development through beta very closely and desperately wanted to play back in 2013, to the point where I did make an account (with Gameforge in EU, funnily enough) and tried the game but the initial combination of insanely high ping (330 to EU back then) and my aging computer turned me away. Eventually I upgraded, remembered Tera and how much I wanted to play and keenly installed the NA client and made my first character - a Warrior - in 2015.

    It struck me as a charming game that played like nothing else I'd ever experienced, I enjoyed it so I kept playing right to endgame. I met people, I made friends, I had an amazing time, I stayed for three years. I felt the ping tax, I hated it with a burning passion but there was nothing I could do about it, it dampened my enjoyment of Tera as a game but it didn't do enough to outright drive me away. I was a 200ms Lancer and did anyone care or notice? I did not struggle, I worked with it, I cleared all the content there was and I earned people's respect for doing what some thought was impossible.

    Tera and the experiences within and around as well as the opportunities it has lead to have been among the few things that have made me happy during a very difficult period in my life. I met people who matter to me, I've even loved and lost. I don't know what other reasons anyone needs.

    But now I throw my NA account away. Those reasons are dead and gone and this game matters to me no longer.
  • > @ElinUsagi said:
    > Gatokatzen wrote: »
    > People that leave the game is the ones with terrible ping or hardcore ping dependants.
    > A lot of people stay . But wont be the same cause even competitive north america players are leaving.
    > If you have a game that were played by almost 1700 persons the last two months.
    > And after this you get barely 700 or less players.
    > Things wont be good
    > But, but... Proxy users have claimed that 20k players are leaging the game xD

    Those third party apps bassed thier IP trafics around server connections and for 1 IP can mark 9 or 10 connections at the same time.

    You can easily transform 1 player connection as if were 50 players at same time. I can use various servers at same time with proxy systems using 1 IP

    They usually do this to make their costumers trust in their products.

    The Steam version Marked 700 800 players right now. In their offcial page , Outside steam there arent so much players left.

    Cause torrent version is several outdated. Forcing people who uninstall and re install to choose steam version.

    Total Game population right now might wont be beyond of 1.5K people
  • NZ player here with roughly 280ms at any given time.

    There are a few reasons I decided to play tera. The main one being that there are very few games with oceanic servers (like 2) and they both have no population. I have personally tried every MMO I have come across over the past 10 years and this one has for the most part stood out as the most unique and enjoyable one to play. The latency is definitely noticeable and at times frustrating but the only games where that isn't obvious for oceanic players is PSO2 and Kritika both of which I played for a long time before coming back to Tera.

    When I first started on Tera NA it was marketed as a global MMORPG. It did not have an IP wall and it allowed payments from other countries. The lag was bad but it wasn't nearly as important as it is now. I first started the game in Open Beta as a slayer and I managed to farm bams and run dungeons and do the story quest with high ping and adapted to it fine. But with the introduction of each patch and new dungeons at end game with increasing difficulty it became more and more difficult to keep up. Suddenly that 280ms was the difference between taking a decent amount of damage which the healer could easily overheal and dying in 1 shot to a boss mechanic you never even see coming. I played without proxy gearing up my characters from 0 guardian to full sc running NM dungeons and farming IOD bams. But with mats for higher tier gear being limited to the HM dungeons and new patches only releasing new 4-5 star dungeons I quickly felt left behind. Everyone talked about SP and how it works and it seemed like a good option so I can understand why a lot of people went down that path and why they are so angry and disappointed now.

    Honestly ping tax wouldn't even be an issue in this game if it wasn't for the constant addition of new dungeons increasing difficulty by decreasing the reaction time between animation queues and one shot mechanics. Or if we had other means of farming the higher tier enchantment mats.
    I hope that these problems will be addressed in future devlopement by relying less on one shot mechanics to make dungeons dificult for players or including higher tier mats in normal mode versions of hard mode dungeons as well.

    So TLDR; Limited options, Global Marketing.
  • They can help high people with a simple server script. They can modify their server to add a dugen buff. Only avalaible to people with more than 150 IMS.
    This can increase damage x3 for players with high ping.
    Reduce damage taken x4 in debuffs and mortal attacks.

    Allowing pve players to keep playing at high pings.
    Seems a good option
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
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    I play from Mexico, and my ping has never been so awesome, back in 2013 when I started, it would range between 180 and 220ms, 140 on a ver, very, very good day. At the same time I had a PC that barely could handle the game, Nexus, for example, was unplayable to me, and for a while I didn't even think of doing DGs and BGs. However, this was the only game in which I found a mixture of visuals and gameplay tha I liked enough, and back then the game still had a few subsystems that kept me entertained. Also, because of the leveling taking notably longer than it does now, I could just roam the open world maps and do side quests and all that crap.

    Many single player games have that same combat system, but their visuals don't attract me enough, some are too "anime", some are too "grim" (Skyrim, for example, is a nice game but still is too dark for me). Also, I like the class-based character creation in games. There are also many games like that for consoles, but I'm not a console player at all.

    I was looking for very specific things in an action game and Tera happened to have all of them, to me the multiplayer thing is secondary, I've made friends in the game and whatnot, but if there was a single-player title like Tera I would've chosen that one instead and I'm sure the experience would've been just as enjoyable.

    When i had a crappy PC I was happy with side quests, crafting, gathering and hunting BAM's, the sad part is that now that I have a decent PC and better ISP (now my ping ranges between 90 and 120ms), the game is in general more boring.
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    Well we dont really have much of a choice. There are almost zero MMOs with Latin servers (not to mention BDO's Latin server is located in Miami..)
    And back in 2013 Tera was being publicized over here regardless, it was shown as something global and since it wasn't ip locked or anything one could imagine it was set up to make up for the ping discrepancies (like other games are).

    In any case my personal experience showed that while this wasn't the case the combat was very fun, and novel in MMOs. It was enough to get me interested.

    (Long story alert!)
    The class i chose, mystic was fun to level and play, and I started making friends.
    I knew I had bad ping but I had learnt to pre-react to stuff so that my ping wouldn't interfere so much. I spent a LOT of time in the game with my friends and I learnt most skill animations by heart so I could pvp by seeing the first few frames of an attack (mind you this was not a perfect system but I managed for 1v1s, mass pvp and alliance was all ways guesswork but I was still having fun XD) and I also learnt dungeon mechanics as much as I could so that I could do them right despite my lag.
    And this was fine for a while. I used to love running things with IM because it challenged me to predict what
    crazy random things the people were going to do, and if I would be able to react and predict them fast enough to save their necks despite my limitations.
    I was pretty chill about my bad ping.
    But the game didn't stay that way for long. After the 65 patch, dungeons became much more reliant on reflex rather than mechanics.
    Instead of debuff juggling it became, cleanse fast! Dodge fast! And frankly my ping started wehighing down on me.
    I think the first dungeon where I felt this was Bathismal Rise.
    My first struggle was noticing I couldn't cleanse the poison right. I managed to solve this by pre locking on to people before the effect hit, wasting time I should have been healing, to cope with the fact that if I did it after it hit, it would take too long and people would often die, but i still managed! But then, I met the real deal breaker the pizza mechanic.
    While slow, the fact that it wasn't the same every time made it almost imposible for me to evade in time, specially in hard mode. The game would kill me despite me standing in the right spot because ping tax.
    My guild started to lose interest in running with me, even if at the time, we only had two healers in there. It was really discouraging, and it was the first time I considered quitting.
    Because it's different not being able to do something because you lack practice/skill than being locked out because of a random unfixable bottleneck like your ping is.
    From there on dungeons became more and more reactionary. With a few exceptions like timescape (which is my favorite 5 man dungeon ever) and kaprima.
    Granted I was still interested in playing because I had friends and I was too stubborn to quit. I liked the challenge, but certain dungoens we're now just things that I knew that I couldn't do.
    Sky cruiser was extremely frustrating, the lasers have always been something that my ping didn't let me do quit right so I would often resort to using corruption ring to survive it's damage, but the last boss's "swipe and wipe" made it impossible for me to clear as a single healer. Not only the time for me to react was infimous with the ping tax, but I would often rubber band back into death.
    Finally the dungeon that sealed the deal for me, was shadow sanguinary.
    The first boss lasers were no longer something i could ignore with corruption ring, plus they were part of an important mechanic again. So I did what any insane person who really really wants to play this game would do and I went into the dungeon on my own for hours on end practicing the timing to dodge that stupid laser accounting for my ping, and I did it. I learnt it, however this was no longer fun, this had become full tryharding mode for me.
    You can imagine the stress spikes on the next two bosses with all of their pizzas, trust me, no amount of training could fix my ping on those.
    I cleared it five times, with a LOT of struggle and never stepped into it again.
    It was at that point that I decided I was not gonna trouble myself running endgame dungeons and isntead put my energy and my experience of so many years as mystic in making a mystic guide which was well received and got pinned on the tera Facebook.
    And since I had a lot of fun doing that, I decided to help others instead of progressing myself, but in the end it would always leave me alone as people went ahead to endgame dungeons I couldn't do. It felt horrible.
    I really love this game, but I want to be able to enjoy it in full like I did back in manayas time, where my ping wasn't as important as knowing the mechanics well.
    Sadly it isn't like that anymore, and while I'm not mad that the game has changed over time, i know that unless something is done about the ping tax, I won't be interested in playing any more, It's simply something that I have become humanly unable to compensate for, despite my many efforts.
  • YuxibrYuxibr ✭✭✭
    I'm from Brazil and i've been playing tera since 2013. I dont use any proxy or vpn and my ping is better now then before.
    I remember playing with 210ms on lake of tears and now i play with 160-180.
    "So why play a game that strictly has not been designed for you? "
    Cause I love the game and ping is not a issue for me and never been.
  • MatheusObiwanMatheusObiwan Brazil ✭✭
    M6KPMHHLR3 wrote: »
    Why DO you play this game? Not your reasons for enjoyment but instead i mean the logistics behind you CHOOSING this game among many others?

    Think about this for a moment:

    You have a game where its server is located in Chicago very far from many of your countries while other locations are not supported.

    They then extend a pay model to your countries to buy subs/emp but

    The countries they extended their pay models to

    Are not supported by the raw nature of the game itself, you do not have a localized server nor any input ping assistance to alleviate all the obvious problems that will come with you playing this game

    So why play a game that strictly has not been designed for you?

    Why go through all the trouble of dealing with monstrously high ping, lag, unresponsiveness and the full on dependacy on 3PAs to get decent alleviation?

    Anyone who says high ping doesnt affect dps BnS and its inbuilt parser will prove that notion incorrect and korean action mmos in general are ping sensitive.

    So why subject yourselves to a game that objectively isnt designed with you in mind?

    Why subject yourselves to being openly harrassed/labeled and attacked , from looking at the posts from the last 2 days, even if the devs extended their pay plan to you surely.

    Surely you mustve thought that is couldnt possibly have been worth all of...this?

    And moving to EU wont fix your problem, GF is against proxy sp why go through the trouble just to get burned?

    Are you really that shackled to this game?

    I am very curious.

    I know, its sounds crazy to play something that is barely playable ( or totally unplayable). But as it is regarding Brazil, 90% of every videogame released, being it a MMO or a regular offline game, aren't localized to our region. They do not have portuguese as a language option at all, and servers are almost ever hosted at USA. So, I belive we can safelly says, NO VIDEO GAME is made thinking of brazilian players at all. You can say we like to don't understand what is being said at the game, or like to play with a dictionary at our sides, or even that we're all secretly masoquists :V

    BUT, for me, its not a real problem the game being in english only, cause I know english well enough to understand and enjoy it. At least the offline games and contents, like quests and lore in case of TERA. I don't like League and DoTa very much, and those are the most popular games here in Brazil because of they being localized for us, so I started to play TERA because I enjoy action games and RPGs, and enjoy creating a RPG char and all those geek stuff.

    About choosing this game, like I said, I don't like League and games are not made thinking about brazilian players :cry: so its mainly for my personal tastes. Yes, I thought very much back when I started playing if this was all worth it, with all the high latency and being an "intruder" in a NA hosted game, and I decided that it was worth it. I spended time and money on TERA (even server transfers), made friends from lots of diferent places in it, founded an actual very big brazilian community of players in this game (this actually amazed me back then, I didn't expected to find so much people from other places than USA playing :smile: ), people that loved this game since day one and even with all of the cons, still found it worth it to play and dedicate themselves to this game. Yes, there was mean people that wanted me to get off of TERA NA because of my nationality, it aways had, but most of people were friendly and liked to see me (maybe we, as other people that not from USA) dedicating to this game and even respected it. 3PAs came to most of us as a divine tool that allowed us to play the game as it should be played (mainly proxy with skill prediction), even if we knew that it was againts ToS, but was worth the risk just for continues to enjoy the game and being competitive at endgame scenario. Since endgame content was being more and more reliable at good latency and even more responsive controls (that TERA don't have if you play it vanilla with high latency like 150ms or more, like most of us play) in more recent patchs. The game was never mean to be played for us but we wanted to play it anyway. Those tools did not solve the high ping problem, but helped on mitigate it since now we had responsive controls and were able to counter balance the ping issue by prevening better what was happening (most at the time, at pve contents) and respond to it in time and the game became more fair for us now. Even at PVP we could do better because of this faster response on controls that we never had before, but was not so good and worth it because this tool was made thinking at PVE not PVP (so I usually saw people deactivating it when going to pvp, but was not uncommon to see people playing it with SP because of the better responsive controls, even if that means having to deal with "ghosts", people saw as worth it).

    Just as a remind, this is MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND THOUGHTS about all of this and your question, you may see diferent points of view of it. I think I made myself clear in this comment, but any question on why I still decided to be playing on NA, besides everything that happened and knowing I'll never be able to be competitive again at the PVE content( and even pvp bgs :cry:), feel free to ask me :smile: I like the game, and still hope for a better end at all of this. But most of my friends from Brazil and latin america are going to EU because there still have the ways of being competitive.
  • I played Tera nonstop from 2012 up to 2016 when I decided to quit for multiple reasons, mostly because how bad the game was being handled by EME and how crappy their server/routes have become.

    I have always played with an average ping of 160ms which is not ideal if you're a super tryhard, but that didn't stop me from clearing every single content this game had to offer since QoA2 patch. I also mostly played with other brs, so everyone had to carry their own weight and most of them also cleared every content without major issues, you can check my channel on youtube and see it for yourself.

    This game was playable for most BRs until 2016 when their quality of service dropped severely, specially on server routes, making the game unplayable if you run endgame content. I believe that's when the proxy trend started and probably what kept most SA players playing until recently.

    Before I quit I had over 100 clears on SSHM, never ever heard of proxies and played only with the help of paid VPN services, had a few desyncs which made me angry enough to give up playing. Right now I can't even dodge SSNM mechanics with all the desyncs and rubber banding and to make things worse Tera endgame is much more fast paced than it was before.

    I don't know what they have done, this game was playable for most SA players before, but right now unless you live on northeast regions on Brazil or Central America, I doubt you can run endgame content consistently.

    Most of my friends quit and have no intentions on coming back, some I managed to bring back left again thanks to "recent events".

    I personally don't care anymore, I currently play tera casually for a few weeks when new stuff comes out then leave again. I still like this game, but until EME/BHS show real commitment to fix it, I'm not going o bother playing it.

    Those claiming everything is fine probably don't run endgame stuff, so if you're that kind of player it's "ok", but if you like running endgame content it's not worth the headache. We now have BDO with an official server located on Brazil if you want action combat and other big names like FFXIV/WoW which are more forgiving on latency.
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