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Good memories.

What are some good memories you have from this game?
Mine was from around 2013-2014.
This video explains it all. Everyone in muse loved our guild leader because of her innocence.


  • VSHM was probably my favorite dungeon in this game.

  • VSHM was probably my favorite dungeon in this game.

    I remember being recruited to a guild the day I came back after months of not playing and they decided VSHM is a good dungeon to run to get me back in to healing... ohh that was a looooooooong run.
  • teralover123teralover123 ✭✭✭
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    Enlightened union and free traders. I never thought I would see a guild in free traders alliance fight.
  • So many. Dont have a video, but on mount tyrannas when the guild castles came out I was in Noble impact and we came in dead last at 10 but we got the castle.

    Another would be leveling my main to 60, back when the game was really grindy.
  • frostiousfrostious ✭✭
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    Back before flying mounts and more thorough invisible walls were implemented (not to mention lethal fall damage), our guild would go on little exploration field trips after Nexus: climbing mountains, finding the gaps in invisible walls to go out of bounds of the world and under maps.

    Generally most of my good memories are of just doing stuff with the guild, whether it was running dungeons or doing battlegrounds (many of us loved the original Kumasylum) or just goofing off. There was always something to do, someone to gear or help get an achievement, but these days the guild is empty except for me and one other person - everyone else has moved on to other, better maintained games.
  • Old IoD :)

    Uh, prob the whispers I would get from low levels to help em out with people pkin them. Was nice to be needed and also fun to attempt to keep em alive with a higher level chasing them. What made it better was seeing the lowbie getting into the spirit of it and laughing if he got caught.
  • Definitely making my first character and getting to lvl 40 (i started playing just to make a reaper) without ever touching dungeons unless the story mode dictated. I'm still suprised I played the same reaper for almost 5 years!


    Also I still remember that story mission in kaiator where you fight along kaia and going to manaya's core for the first time. I still love manaya's core design wise and the aesthetics of the manaya's fight make me so happy.
  • My favorite memories are of me doing Wonderholme Hard with my guild in all it's buggy glory. Like when mobs wouldn't stop spawning at the cage and we'd just take all the tanks back to jack. I also used to get really excited to sell quills and do KN20 (my favorite raid of the entire game).

    I didn't take much video, but I do have a couple screenshots. I feel like the people I played with made the game so much better. I also really miss doing nexus with all of my friends and friends-of-friends. It was just a really good time to meet up in a huge group since nexus was really casual. And of course I loved doing alliance on my sorcerer. It was so fun to go to conflict, get huge, and nuke a large area with fireblast.


  • I miss the original island of dawn, alliance, running my level 60 dailies near cutthroat harbor having to kill 3 of those guys in sameals hideout and having to hurry and change channels before the other people to kill those guys. I remember before I knew how to tell when pvp was active in alliance territory getting one shotted while im killing the banana trees for peels to sell cause I didn't know about the level 60 dailies yet. grinding kanstria to get my steadfast gear before I knew about the way to get it at level one with the help of a level 60, which I never got to do cause I didn't know until it was too late. getting my 1st black panther mount. that was an awesome feeling.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    Here are (cough) some of my fondest memories:

    - my first RENM run, with an amani lancer doing their thing and the mystics were sitting back holding hands and dropping those little healing pyres
    - the sh*tstorm that popped up when reapers first dropped
    - making a lancer to capitalize on the (then) lack of tanks while also getting into RP
    - going to a weekend RP event that had so many people the game lagged. Good times.
    - logging into the game after work and the first thing I see is "Sage! Join our 5-man (REHM run)!"
    - entering an internal beauty pageant when brawlers first dropped (I lost)
    - getting the infinite Ultraplasm box from Golden Gifts that one year (~$200 well spent! :smiley: ). The folks that got the boxes were pretty happy too.
    - killing the 2nd boss in SC and wiping at the same time (we were all extremely confused)
    - having my (fem-elf) lancer be admired by so many lovely women of all races
    - preventing 3 separate wipes as my priest in AI
    - running a MCat as my lancer and having people from other servers beg me to join their guild
    - doing an IMS run in TS after its absence and everyone (myself included) dying every 20secs. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
    - doing a "soft" RP run in BRN with some newbies and acting as their "Commander". The others responded pretty well to it.
    - running IoD and coming across a "young" elin who thought I looked just the coolest
    - losing tank jewelry to an archer and everyone else getting mad at the archer
    - getting a very generous school refund and deciding to "live the tryhard life" and get a crit 2.0 for all my toons (~$200 not well spent, lemme tell ya)
    - taking a screen of the skywhale and forgetting that Steam's screenshot key was the same as the "mount/dismount" key
    - seeing Spacecats try to get all dolled up like his valk and failing miserably (I don't care, I thought it was funny, especially when Spacecats was like "WTF?!" when it was all done)
    - et al

    I used to love this game. What the hell happened to it?
  • The 24 hour stream they did last year? with all the random af events and spacecats dying his hair was really fun...i miss interactive streams :'(
  • Despite the lag, I miss Nexus. It brought people together. The worldwide events that we used to get before they took that away was nice. I mean, getting all of those drops fight bams with many raids was worth the lag.
  • Meeting people that live in the same province and we are actually IRL friends now

    The old Tera, back when it was hard. You needed a party to kill the bams if you didn't want to solo 5 bams and take an hour.

    The old enchanting method was better in my opinion but I guess that with XP, it forces people to be more active so I got used to it.

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