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Recent DMCA Takedowns of Third-Party Programs - Discussion [Updated: November 8th]



  • If Players with High Ping can't do Intense PvE and PvP, then you can still play TERA on NA, but with limitations only.

    Here are the list of things you can still do if you have 200ms+ Ping:
    1. Daily Solo Questing.
    2. Hunt some World Boss.
    3. Crafting.
    4. Exploring the World of Tera and be amaze.
    5. Chatting with People.
    6. Running Old and Low Level Dungeons (Just don't do 439+).
    7. High Ping Player VS High Ping Player (This will be good, because you and your opponent is on the same playing field).
    8. PVErp (The Best for some people).

    Adapt and Survive is the best thing High Ping Players can do, until EME fixes all the issues and concerns of the game =) .
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    Yo M6KPMHHLR3 dude, your posts are being blocked, nobody can see them. Sorry dude.
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    @M6KPMHHLR3 looks like you got shadowbanned, I can't see your posts but they're clearly visible in the recent poster pic before you click on the thread
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    If anything, i just wish, I WISH whatever BHS is coming up with is not being treated as a New-shiny-toy for us but rather a really important and emergency fix... Like, more important than a "hotfix" because we all know how BHS handles "hotfixes" in Tera, BRhm 1shot mechanic does no dam anyone? Even this whole GoldTalent "Fix" with Bellicarium store is just the same fiasco that happened with Fire Ember long long ago when EME just did nothing for 84years because there was already a "Fix" in KTera.

    If they treat it as a new shiny toy for us then... Maybe it'll get to our hands in a few years? Lol.
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    @M6KPMHHLR3 looks like you got shadowbanned, I can't see your posts but they're clearly visible in the recent poster pic before you click on the thread

    ^^^ as he said bloke your posts arnt posting
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    > @Superp117 said:
    > Of course they shadow banned me, im criticizing the constant nonsense but im not directly attacking them.

    Tfw eme's own forum layout rats out shadowbanned people
  • Haven't look at forums for one day and whoa we lost 10 pages at least.
    By the way drop this here
  • I don't get it. What's this thread is all about?
    Why people talking about proxies and events and all that?

    I read denommenator post in news & annoucement, its about 3rd party programs and mods.
    I thought this discussion was... long time ago.
  • LordXenon wrote: »
    TheDarkWan wrote: »
    If any of those cry babies have anyone to blame the should balme themselves, thanks to all this attention to proxy I ended up researching it. How dare you use such tools in Tera. I have been asking for years now as to why EME's events were going very wrong and it turned out there was a proxy for it and proxy for skill prediction and a proxy for dungeon runs and a proxy for auto skill use and block. You guys who were using proxy are nothing more than cheaters that ruined the game for all of us and when the proxy is finally gone we will see how good you guys really are and how well you do in events now. EME will finally be able to release good open world events like they used to and dungeon runs will be as they were meant to be "amazing". Playing Tera now will be like 3 years ago where the world was actually rewarding. The only thing that is needed right now is a world hunt event and a fix for dungeon rewards for item lvl 412 cause the way dungeon item lvl 412 are going right now is criminal. I have been trying to gear up my gunner from guardian to frost for the past 2 weeks and i'm still on +5 twist cause dungeon item lvl 412 don't give enough golden talents or enough item xp. I have more than enough tokens to buy the rest of the mats but no golden talents or xp.
    I got bad news for you, pal. All of the lackluster events and lack of support from mEmE predate your so called "proxy abuse". 3 years ago, the world wasn't rewarding. The world was empty and barren. Dungeons weren't any more rewarding than they are now.
    As for your gearing up issue: Why are you still doing 412 if you can do 431? They give more mats and item xp to upgrade your gear. Golden plates don't really improve no matter where you go, but the item xp and the other mats do as well as how much gold you get. If you've been here for 3 years, why are you still stuck in Twistshard, tho? You should have plenty of money from your main if they're geared to buy what you need.

    I will do very bad dps on twist in higher dungeons so I avoid them till I'm frost
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