A Better Approach That EME could've taken

Reading over Denommentor's thread regarding DMCA takedown of proxies I realized something.

Maybe do this part first?

Then do this?


  • this is what I suggested the first time proxy blew up all over the forums... like more than 2 years ago? back then it might have made a difference.
  • Well the thing is majority of the player see have asked whether they can use 3rd party program thru customer service and they said yes. Very important, that they initially said yes like for dps meters. And now they essentially went back on it. Many of us have screenshots of chats with CS.

    A better approach was to optimize the game so people didn’t need to rely on it so EmE can’t take it away later with no optimization still. The game has been out for 6 years. Blade and soul is getting a game ungine upgrade and black desert just got remastered. Tera? Nothing.

    A better approach is to have new management.
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