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Priest: Holy Burst and Slaying Niveot.

edited October 2018 in PvE Discussion
Is there any option to somehow dps as priest with holy burst while using slaying? So far, it seems that the skill auto heals ( wish we had a glyph to disable that ) the caster so it practically renders the slaying useless.



  • Hi,

    In my own opinion, priest don't need slaying crystal, since priest lacks of critical rate, the best dps crystal for priest is carving rather than slaying, because if you have less crits, your slaying crystal won't be good either.

    Plus, if you use Eddict of Judgment, you will always be going to heal yourself because of shocking implosion, and don't think not using shocking implosion, that skill is one of priest's best dps skill.

  • Hello.

    I have used slaying on priest and my damage done went up with about 10% even without using carving to buff up the slaying.

    And i just hope that we could have more options instead of more restrictions.
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