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Can someone help me with the launcher?

Hello, first of all sorry for the bad englando

I know that this probably shouldnt be in this section of the forum, but since I didnt see any ''technical'' section Im dropping this here.

Im a new player (well, I havent touched the game since 2014, and only played for 1 week) and the launcher is frustating me too much.

The major problem is the ''applying patch'' at infinite 0%, when I try to fix it using some videos from the internet, I get the ''unable to determin the ...[]'' or the launcher keeps downlading things forever, and when it has finished the same problem comes again, the 0% applying patch.

I have tried the next things:
-Unchecking the ''read only'' box (but it activates again)
-Replacing some files
-Removing launcher files

Nothing works, it keeps the applying patch at 0%.

For me as a new player is frustating to get into the game , with my potato internet it gets too long to re-download the game, and its something that I wont do it again (it takes too long for me).

So now Im asking here, what the hell can I do to get the things going?


  • There can be a number of things causing problems with patching. I would start with the steps from this knowledgebase article:


    You also want to make sure that you didn't rename files, modify configuration files, or download modifications as all of those can cause problems with the patching process.

    If that did not work for you, I would next check the space available on your hard drive. The launcher requires about 80 GB of free space to install and patch TERA.

    If that doesn't work, I would next check to see if an anti-virus program is interfering with the install. People have been reporting problems with Windows Defender:


    If the patching process for the launcher continues to give you lots of problems, you could consider downloading the game through Steam if it available in your region. Steam uses a binary comparison process to patch the game files instead of the zip manifest system our regular launcher uses.

    If none of the above methods work for you, please consider creating a support ticket and talking to our customer service representatives. The wait time right now is a little long since we are still catching up on the tickets from the last patch, but it is the best option if the above suggestions do not fix the problem you are having.
  • MsEraMsEra ✭✭
    this happen to me sometimes also if im using steam to login , but wont happen when i use launcher to open
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