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Even if EME changes tomorrow...



  • Nopi wrote: »
    Maybe Xigncode is under a timed contract. If that's how it is, then their choice is limited to either let the contract run it's course or extend it.

    Normally is it something like that. These licenses are normally per seat depending on a number of factor including (discounted licensing for larger number of game clients as well as period of time for example). There might also be something similar to an SLC (service license contract) in order for Welbia to handle things like false positives, adding/changing signatures/definitions, etc.

    Terminating its use would be a sunk cost for EME plus someone would have to answer to that. So I realistically don't see them removing it until the licensing contract is about the expire.
    Nopi wrote: »
    If they want to keep Tera alive, then they have to put effort. And not just EME, since I'm talking about expansions. If they want to let Tera die and present a new shiny game to us, they should know that the treatment of this game will be a defining factor on how any new games will be seen.

    The modus operandi of these Korean game studios was to rapidly develop a title and then use a portion of the revenues for the next title (that was the main jist before the investment capital in Korea shifted to mobile). Part of TERA's revenues were funneled to Devilian when Bluehole acquired Ginno Games (what became Bluehole Ginno) because the game ended up being revamped from that point in terms of systems and graphics. Some revenue was also funneled to Project W (Ascent: Infinite Realm) though the majority of its investment came from Kakao in exchange for the publishing rights.

    I don't think Bluehole ever expected TERA to last this long though. So long as it is making them money, they seem content to just inch along (which is why there isn't a huge effort in costly new production which would be the case with larger expansion style content). Compared to their competitors though, Bluehole doesn't seem to have a long term plan for TERA (which isn't a surprise from what I know about how they've operated/made decisions). Like NCSoft is at least investing in moving their main franchises over to Unreal Engine 4 (not trivial at all for Blade & Soul but they are learning a lot from Project TL's design/development process). Neowiz' Round 8 Studio is using UE4 for Bless Unleashed (Xbox One but if they use the Unified Windows Platform environment and abstract the UI and I/O properly, they'll be able to deploy to Windows 10 fairly quickly if they chose so).

    Given that A:IR's 2018 closed beta was cancelled and pushed to early 2019 (to address the negative feedback received from the first Korean CBT), they are likely going to pull extra funds from both TERA and PUBG. Unfortunately, that is design started around 2014ish based on their expertise/knowledge at the time which was UE3 (2019 released title with client FPS lag and poor optimization is not going to cut it while the companies current bread winner PUBG, has their work cutout for them with "fixing" it). But that to me is typical of how they've run things... I can see them doing a kneejerk with the remnants of Project EXA though depending on A:IR's general reception in Korea and then globally...
  • AmakusaKun wrote: »
    EME you did it this time, and you did it at the worst time possible, just after the merge and before the apex part 2

    This might not be a coincidence but even so it seems that the issue with a few little cheaters that are using an illegal 3rd party program unveiled how many players actually rely on the said 3rd program to be able to play the game properly.

    Anyway, i hope it will get fixed and we will be able to move on.

    Nobody wants to spend time with drama on forums.

    Just help the ones with ping issues and then give us stuff to do in game ^^
  • Even with xigncode gone now EME had taken too long. People that already left for EU without any trouble are at frostmetal some even at stormcry. Faster gear progression events. Better economy. Exclusive dungeons. Elleon mark. Beter population. Its better to invest in EU for the next few weeks / months than coming back to their +9 gears that they spent twice as much time given that theyll soon be out gearing what they have on NA easier.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭

    Pretty much as I suspected. And I sadly also suspect that even through those practices, just showing up with a nice looking game, they will again grab people's attention (and their money) for awhile. I suppose other practices, at least from the top execs, would be to move themselves and their money making strategies to other companies in the case the people finally get angry at their previous works. Since apparently, new company means memory wipe or something. Then again, we usually don't know most of the names involved in the part of the companies that only look at the numbers and are the cause of breaking games in the long term, all in the name of cash.
  • Shinku89Shinku89 ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    I feel like EME did me a favor. Even if EME will do something about SP and dps meter, I'll remain in EU. I should've moved a long time ago, my ping in EU is around 80-115ms and in NA its 180-210ms.
    So even if GF will decide to cancel proxy as well I will be less effected there than in here. So i'll be able to continue playing in EU.
    Also now days EU is much more rewarding than NA, events are much better and their elite as well. Golden talents is not an issue there whatsoever as well as silver talents + timezone is like mine, so the games alive and kicking at my usual time zone, and not at 1AM.

    Their LFG is also always full even at night time, I don't know why, perhaps its due to the NA players but who knows. at peak times they have 2 full pages of LFG.

    Also for some reason , in NA Tera I had to reduce my presets and play from 0-1, in Tera EU I am barely effected with FPS, I can play perfectly normal with presets of 4-5 without being effected...
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