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    Yep queue isn't popping for me. It should be 5 games at most rather then 10..
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    That's like 1 plate per BG! If you get a que in the 24hours you're waiting for it
  • is a bad joke xD i cant play FWC since i back the game in setember its never popped LOL
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    edited October 2018
    Jerichow wrote: »
    tadaaaa wrote: »
    They're not aware of it since they don't play the game.

    This sums up everything wrong with this player/publisher relationship right here.

    I agree, instead of communicating with the community and looking for possible solutions to the shitstorm EME created themselves. They rather just police the forums so they can delete any comment that highlights EME incompetence as a company as well as our asinine CM complete lack of passion towards the game. It is really sad that EME has come to the point that the best they can do right now to save face, if there's any to face left to save, is to implement this reward event for completing selected content that serves no purpose, do to the rewards being absolute trash.
  • I can see your sweat through my screen.
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    AxeI wrote: »
    LancerJiva wrote: »
    Yep queue isn't popping for me. It should be 5 games at most rather then 10..

    Yeah but NA is very much active, right Jiva?

  • I respect the persons behind this game, but honestly the person who made these events need to play the game at least 30 min per day. I made a post about the cost of stormcry +0 you need almost 3000 golden talents to success. Not 40 as the login event suggest, Imagine the amount of golden plates that hardcore needs.
  • in the best scenario this quest takes you 5 - 7 hours.... just for 12 - 20 plates...
  • I get kicked from the cs yesterday after waiting for 30 min until popped up.

    And must wait another 9 minutes to try solo queue again exceeding 1 hour and still no popping.

    Better bring us double vanguard reward or increase gold instead to this [filtered] stuff.
  • idk i prefer super hyper charge buff to do bams on iod this kind of event just are useless like who won 10 times cs? or fwc?they just lmao at us
  • Must be KTC's brilliant idea.
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