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If we wish to save TERA, the elitism must go

We need to take a moment out of our day to teach other players the mechanics of dungeons. If you see someone who wants to do AAHM or SSHM, instead of saying "HA, YOU SUCK, KICK THAT LOSER", we should take the time to teach them the mechanics. Not everyone are great at playing HM dungeons.
-Simple words from a player who has played for years


  • fromsector7fromsector7 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    TERA is elitism ... and elitism is TERA. make a static party and go to learn .... guides of dungeon hm everywhere.
  • They can’t clear hm anymore without proxy they were not better they just had better cheat
  • since 2012 ..tera is elitism.
  • KhernzKhernz ✭✭✭
    If you've played for years and cannot do these dungeons, unless you're legitimately disabled in learning, you're just not giving enough [filtered] about it to warrant wasting 4 other people's time. Stop blaming elitism for you or anyone else's shortcomings. Sure, there might be people who call you garbage because you play like one, but that simply explains that you went in unprepared or expected people to put up with your [filtered] outside a learning run. Find people to learn the dungeon WITH, stop expecting random people who you are insignifcant towards to feed you runs, or even give you a chance. They don't owe you their time. You gotta understand that no one is beholden to have patience for you in an MMO. There are PLENTY of people offering learning runs and if you don't spot any, go make and search for people on your own time. And if people in those said learning runs again call you garbage and say "HA, YOU SUCK, KICK THAT LOSER", then come back and cry again.
  • MatheusObiwanMatheusObiwan Brazil ✭✭
    I still didn't made a single AANM because of fear that others will not want to help me because of not being from NA or in low enchanted Stormcry gear :'( but every time I go to a dungeon and I find new people that never did it before, I spend my time helping them because its good to see people actually wanting to learn new contents and became better players :smiley:
  • There's videos and guides out there, it's what I did before running them with my guild.
  • No

  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    The elitism will exist, no matter what, it existed since the start, and it will keep existing, because you cant really stop people from wanting quick runs with standards high up in the sky.

    Not like it should matter anyways, if you wish to learn, you will do it. stop being afraid of being kicked just because you are a newbie, speaking goes a long way. ask people, tell them that you are learning, if they refuse, is their own problem and should not bother you one bit. you can keep asking other people that will be willing to take you in, or just go blind like i do, screw guides, the best way to learn is by doing the dungeon, trial and error, because well, some guides just make it more complicated to understand than what it is, and that in itself is imposing. Instead, going to the dungeon to learn the basics by trial and error is what i do. After all, we are blessed that theres guides for us, the Korean players are the ones who get content first, and they are the guinea pigs, they go through the entire process of trial and error so that we can have our guides, which often provide zero help, because one thing is reading the guide and memorizing the mechanics and all, and the other is actually putting it into practice.

    And no, if we wish to revive TERA, there is nothing we can do. The EME overlords spoke, and they lost the trust of many players, is up to THEM to save the game.
  • Why no fix the lag first or give us compensation for the lag?

    After the merging strangely my ping increased considerably and unestable. Even the 2 stars dungeon i died now.
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    Depends on what you mean by elitism. Is elitism "i wasn't accepted into an lfg because of my gear, despite knowing the mechanics fully well" or is elitism "people don't want to spend an extra hour of their maybe limited time teaching me, a stranger, a dungeon".
    You always have an opportunity to learn. Make your own lfgs and find people to run with. On killian, eu I consistently see AAHM training runs even this late into the patch. I also see real elitism which is annoying at best. But what do I do? I just make my own lfg. You should try that too.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Wow, some people are really resistant to the idea of being compassionate and patient.

    This is a good reminder, @39HATFDXLY thank you.

    Also, personal rule of thumb is if I can think of three legitimate reasons why something might not meet my standards, there are probably dozens more I can't think of.

    Accordingly, for those whose minds are open to it, consider the following:

    1. Vision or graphics issues. You can't dodge what you can't see.
    2. Slow reflexes. Memorization can compensate, but it takes time to learn all the variations. This one is one of mine. A new variation can still throw me.
    3. An actual slow learning curve. Not everyone learns at the same rate.

    I'm certain there are many more.

    Most of the people who engage in "elitism" probably could care less if there is an alternative explanation for slow progress in learning dgs. This post is intended for those who are being carelessly thoughtless, including myself. It's easy to get focused on our own goals and forget to reach out occasionally to help those around us--and it seems to me that this is true in far more than an MMO.

    Go out there and play guys, have fun and every once in a while consider helping someone if you can. Even if it's just politely pointing them at a guide.
  • As a handicap player who doesn't require illegal third party programs in order to clear content without dying, I believe that both of those have nothing to do with the original post and shouldn't be mentioned.

    Furthermore if people want to learn aah they better have the required dps to clear, and with eme not wanting anyone to use meter then why would we risk letting people who haven't cleared into the dungeon? How would we know if they are going to waste our entry or not? It isn't our fault they waited till next patch to decide to run last patches content.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    but i dont wish to save tera :3
  • Are you kidding me, this wouldn't save Tera at all.

    I take this as a slight offense because I can't tell you how many times as a lancer main I've had to go through many wipes in hard mode dgs since 2015 and to be able to put up with that type of patience. Imagine wiping a boss with like .000000001 cm of hp health bar left and yes it has happened a few times to me. I've helped people along the way because others have helped me and I always want to return the favor. I don't mind once in a while to do learning runs but when there is no improvement over a period of time, it can get a bit frustrating. Luckily I am a patient person but at some point enough is enough. I also have my own runs and things I need to do so I can further advance but I've always kept some time available to help guildies or friends at times. So people like you have to respect this kind of thing that people have their own schedule. Maybe you can just ask nicely to set up a time on a certain day for that type of situation.

    I'm pretty sure I can speak for others, it's not like everyone owes you something. There are always times for learning runs and there are also opportunities to search for. You gotta go get it and if you don't, you create your own learning runs. At some point you have to take the initiative to further advance yourself. I went through it myself long ago and had to accept what I faced.
  • MelyodisMelyodis ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    39HATFDXLY wrote: »
    We need to take a moment out of our day to teach other players the mechanics of dungeons. If you see someone who wants to do AAHM or SSHM, instead of saying "HA, YOU SUCK, KICK THAT LOSER", we should take the time to teach them the mechanics. Not everyone are great at playing HM dungeons.
    -Simple words from a player who has played for years

    my should i take the time from my time to teach someone when they can simply do the same thing i did to learn the damn mechanics every dungeon that comes to us in NA hit ktera first and there are videos of the those dungeons hey sometimes even guides long before they come the NA i took the time to read up and study the mechanics they can do the same you think they make guides to get only views come on there too many lazy players in tera now and if you think i going and read up a guide that everyone els has access to is elitism then idk what else to say.
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