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If we wish to save TERA, the elitism must go



  • been playing the game since last week of june this year and now im ready to do aahm its so hard to find a learning run.
  • KhernzKhernz ✭✭✭
    TeraNuibe wrote: »
    been playing the game since last week of june this year and now im ready to do aahm its so hard to find a learning run.

    maybe cuz the game is dead and more than half the people who can even clear the dungeon have already quit
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    It would help if the game itself didn't penalize you so much for even attempting the dungeon in the first place.

    What I mean is that you don't really have a lot of room to make mistakes in this game. I don't know if other "traditional" MMOs follow this pattern, but in TERA, you basically have one chance to clear a dungeon stretched out among multiple chances to clear each boss. And gods help you if either you're not a fan of guides or the guides available aren't very good; Essential Mana is great and all, but even they make some very galling mistakes (e.g. their brawler guide assumes you have a mystic on-hand at all times).

    So my suggestion would be to remove dungeon entry limits (outside of big raids like HH - limit those to once a day, but make sure to throw some stupid good loot). Not everyone has the means to, say, record their run and can then analyze what happened where at a later time. If that's not in the cards, once again, difficulty settings. A "Practice" or "Easy" mode - even if the "5-man" rule still needs to be in place - would easily fix this problem. People gain a better understanding of a dungeon, they're more confident in that dungeon, there's more people to run it.

    Everyone wins.
  • I'm tier 8 I love that elitism. Now I'm gonna wait for a tier 9 to come slap some humility in me
  • 1.- Learn your class
    2.- Practice the NM version
    3.- LFG for HM version
    4.- Wipe for days
    5.- Get skilled and start lfging without newbies
    6.- If you are good, people will ask you to run often
    7.- Enjoy endgame dungeons
    8.- Get bored and find [filtered]
    9.- AFK [filtered] on Highwatch
    10.- Break up and quit tera
    11.- Come back to tera as a new class or in a new patch
    Rinse and repeat
  • RyusamaRyusama ✭✭✭
    OP, I know what you mean and until some point you are right.

    But, you see, peoples' time are limited so they like to clear dungeons fast to maximize their time. Plus a party means that every member will put their contribution towards a goal (clear the dungeon) but if your contribution is too low or nothing at all and yet you recieve the same or better loot than the others, then that will [filtered] them off.

    It's not a secret that nobody likes to carry anyone to instances 439 and beyond because those takes more time to complete (specially RRNM, where with low DPS can take up to 10minutes per boss).

    So rather than blame elitism, why not put your part and upgrade your gear or learn the instance so you dont become a dead weight? It would benefit everyone.
    edited October 2018
    Think of it from a player perspective who makes their effort into doing good, invested a ton of time to getting good, and using their expensive consumables with the timer ticking down.

    Imagine as a newer player who are sensitive and stubborn to understand how much the incompetence wears down the stronger type of players. I've seen many newer and weaker players plays the victim wanting pity, but it doesn't work in an online game environment. Either you tough it up or get slammed down by people who are superior than you. Sounds like the real world doesn't it?

    It's not rocket science. If you suck, then play lower tier dungeons and stop wasting their time by holding them down.

    In LFG, it's their rules whether they want strong talents or not. Join or make a "learning run" if that's your goal.

    Christ man, hate these kinds of pity threads... especially when they have to annouce how long they played like it's suppose to represent how much you know about the game. I've seen ppl play for 4-5 years and still has less knowledge than someone who puts effort within months of the game.

    -Simple words from a player who has a brain and played longer than the OP
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    I can be patient and stuff .. just not when i want to clear the dungeon. if i wanted to be patient, etc, then i would have joined a learning run
  • If you join other people's groups, deal with whatever attitude they have or simply leave, otherwise make your own groups with people you are comfortable with. The "elitism" is present in any online game, there are always good and bad players and some that are just plainly awful at the game. In MMORPGs there are "farming/speed runs", "clearing runs" and "learning runs/progress" so you join or make groups that qualify to your current performance/experience in the instance.
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    I think this post can somewhat relate to how any community even an online community should consider thinking about :


    It's a post on parenting but i felt it was sort of relevant to this discussion. take a look
  • voidyvoidy ✭✭✭✭✭
    Impatient players are not what's stopping tera NA from being good. There have always been elitists, But that is another topic entirely.
    Normally I would suggest making your own learning LFG or joining a nice guild if you want to learn, but the game appears to be experiencing population issues right now. Perhaps make your own guild with the express purpose of learning content together. I'm sure others are in your boat right now and would be happy to join.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    AxeI wrote: »
    This reminds me of an experience that I had in RRNM the other day.

    As we all know, RR has 2 routes you can take; skip the mobs straight to the 1st boss or take the route with the mobs. Everyone gets inside and we proceed to wait for our healer. Our healer takes the mob route, dropping and luring them. They get to the gate realizing that we were already in the boss room, they died and lost a crystal.

    The healer says in party chat "I'm not doing this" and proceeds to drop the party and left.

    I normally whisper them "Did you seriously drop cause of that?" and they reply with "You guys were too impatient and didn't wait for me & made me lose a crystal" which I followed with "There are two routes to the dungeon and you took the mob route, you could've unstuck and come back again, take the easy route and drop into the boss room"

    And then they proceeded to say "Well sorry for being new, moron" and then blocked me.

    I don't have time to deal with petty [filtered]. If you're unwilling to listen to advice in order to improve you can go [filtered] yourself and remain trash forever. I was going to give them 20 complete crystal binds and a crystal replacement but that person can stay in the trash can.

    Oh I've seen this, sadly more than I want to. Seen more sides to the same problem than I wanted to.

    Been on some DFNM (yes, the normal mode on that thing) and was all fine, a new tank popped in, called that he was new, fine I proceed as a healer to call out mechanics and tips on raid chat, to which he agreed and all were fine. Yes, all 6 others were fine. 1st boss, keeps on puddle, call it, doesn't leave. Calls out again, not name calling, no one mad yet, nothing happens. I pull the tank out of the puddles, call out to try to go to the corner, nothing special happens. People are dying cause puddles everywhere from the random places the tank placed the boss and stayed on puddle all the time with me focusing to, well, not let 2 bosses running amuck killing everyone, people are dying, I'm ressing all the time, on like the 10th tank death, take note: no one was complaining yet, the tank stopped taking ress, and then started throwing a tantrum on chat that "we weren't trying to help him and didn't have patience cause he was new".
    Obviously after that the patience ended and hell broke lose, some people still trying to hold themselves alive to not waste the run, but didn't last much with like 95% poisonous floor area.
    We took it THAT far and still got treated as if we were kicking him on sight.

    On the other side, on the same dungeon (or maybe it was hard mode, dunno) I've come across another tank that wouldn't leave the start until we kicked the ones he though had too low gear, cause he said it would "take too long" to clear. Like, he wasted 5 minutes+ on the tantrum crap but yeah, others would make it take too long. We then kicked that tank, that re-entered in-progress just to go into the 1st boss room by himself and keep dying to waste our time and make it impossible to kick because of the idiotic in-combat thing. He would die and re-enter as fast as possible all the time to keep us locked out wasting time.

    Now, back at the topic, I do think that people that are wiling to learn and have some basis at least, should be able to stay in a run that wasn't specifically stating anywhere that it was skilled required. Also, people have to be open enough about being new. If they start it with fear of being flamed, they're giving just fuel to the flames by being quiet about it. At least, if the group is not up to the patience of teaching/carrying then they'll be quick to point out and then it should be expected they're not stupid to the point of flaming someone who didn't even enter the group yet.
    Entering through IM on a dungeon tho, should be pretty much obvious that you shouldn't have any expectations on the randoms you get there. LFGs make sense to have criteria, and you really shouldn't be complaining that they don't allow your standards on them. I've never even applied to speed runs and such, rarely even apply to the "skilled" runs of dungeons I could run with my eyes closed, it's all just a matter of respecting the situation you're in and knowing where do you fit.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    See all this here? This is why I try to take neutral stances where possible.

    There is one thing that confuses me a little however: people complain about not having a lot of people to run harder stuff while also realizing they're in the minority as such. You're not going to have 1000 people at the ready to run, say, AAH from the outset - either roll with the punches of not having a large pool of players to do that type of content or help create an environment where eventually there is a large pool of players that do that type of content. Simply saying "go read a guide lol" hasn't worked for the past 4 or so years, so I don't see why some of you think it would suddenly work now.

    That said, in situations like what @AxeI what saying there's nothing much to do about that one. And it's unfortunate how often that "bad apple spoils the bunch" on both sides, otherwise we wouldn't be here talking about such once again.

    Shame, really.
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