This is why I stopped watching their streams

How embarrassing. How long is EME gonna let this go on?

Like how she said if you're not lvl 65 what are you waiting for? Her characters havent hit 65 in months... wtf


  • Can I get a link to this stream? Like where its hosted so I can get in on the lols.
  • heartlessladyheartlesslady ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018

    Don't know why they stopped giving codes, they're free and players are more likely to tune in. By itself TERA only draws in an average of 100 players...
  • Ah it's the memelord herself. Thank you for link
  • Yeah that's really embarassing. Not just for her but for EME as a whole. The disconnect between them and the game has never been so apparent.
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