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  • Krysaria wrote: »

    I think all healers can agree :)

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....... I totally agree with you on "Actual Healers" part.

    My Best Healer Funny times is when I used Divine Intervention "Pull" in 3 DPS that always dies in RK9 S-Bomb, I remember at one time I pulled them, then they all die at once hahahahahaha......... because I pulled them near S-Bomb's range :p but still I'm wondering..... Divine Intervention has immunity for 3 secs after I pull them, but it didn't affect them???

    My Best Healer Epic (Almost Killed) times is when Antaroth used Clone technique on us, I did use Backstep to iframe the 1st Antaroth that targeted me with a Lazer Beam Slash, then I thought I was safe, then 2nd Antaroth also targeted me with a Lazer Beam Slash, I used Guardian Sanctuary to Reset my Backstep, then avoid the Lazer Beam Slash immediately, then my party said "What? How did you dodge 2 lazer beams? Priest only have 1 iframe, you might be cheating" - then I said to them, Priest can have 2 iframes, just reset the your iframe using Guardian Sanctuary =) , many Priest's don't know this, this is why Priest is a quite interesting for me.

    I Love Priest's Apex Skills, Apex makes Priest Super OP.

    Energy Stars > Divine Charge > Brooch > Triple Nemesis > Eddict of Judgement = Super Over Powered :3:3:3
  • MaxmilianMaxmilian ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Maddhawk wrote: »
    I was doing a Thaumetal Refinery run today and tank had the first boss, the gorilla, on top on the tree. Now, some of y'all probably don't care, but I had learned from experience that when he is on top of the tree when he decides to chase someone, that he will clip through it as if not there and won't trigger his stun.

    So, I gripped the tank away twice, to get the boss of the tree. First time he ran right back and sure enough boss clipped right through the tree and blew up on us with his zone wide stun aoe. Second time tank was like "??" so I told told him to tank boss of the tree so he won't clip again. I guess he got is panties all in a wad over that cause he immediately drops group. I shrugged and kept on healing. Next charge boss was off the tree so that time he properly hit it and stunned himself and we downed the boss with no further issues with the tank gone.

    Tank was a brawler of course.

    everyone knows that priests only cast life grip completely for their own entertainment.

    my fave thing is DI someone twice or three times and having them run back like a world of warcraft bot exactly to where you pulled them from.
    meanwhile others in party are screaming 'MOVE [filtered], GET OUT THE WAY' while im just trying to be nice and subtle about it :')
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