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Why is Tera such low resolution?

Like seriously? I have a 4K UHD tv and I have an Xbox one X and this game is so low resolution on my TV that everything is blurry and jaggered edges and just looks terrible.

I could handle 1080p sure but it's not even 720p it's probally only like 480p or something the resolution is so bad I have given up after just 10 mins playing...

don't even dare say the xbox one x can't handle it i play no mans sky 4k beautiful graphics and have a good solid 30fps and that is more demanding and more open world than tera...

there is no excuse as to why tera is not 4k on Xbox one x as standard other than pure laziness.
no wonder there is only 1 server on EU tera xbox and that it's completely dead and devoid of life.
this game looks like an Xbox 360 game no an Xbox original game.

increase the resolution it's not hard... then you will get tons of people coming to this beautiful game.

and don't care say "I have an Xbox one X and it looks beautiful and the resolution is fine" no it's not go get your eyes tested if you can't see the difference between 4k and 800x600 resolution...


  • wow forums are dead just like the game.... RIP
  • > @Teranot4k said:
    > wow forums are dead just like the game.... RIP

    Lower com better chance to play healer/ tank as main and to be more more respected than on big com (PC).
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    Teranot4k wrote: »
    wow forums are dead just like the game.... RIP

    This wasn't really a post that warrants a grand discussion especially since you said "don't you dare say.." which most people commenting on this would probably say one of the things you told them not to say. For console users, the Discord is a more interactive source of information if you're looking for same day or rapid responses.
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