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How is the population on Ps4 Europe?
Is it worth to play there or is it dead and you have to go to NA Ps4?


  • PSEU has quite a strong and active population.
  • PSEU PVP server has very few active players, around 100, but we all are much more advanced then most of what i’ve seen on pve, where there’s is much more ppl, but the quality is much poorer. Although pvp server is currently useless, due to lack of pvp content, and due to the fact that mass BG’s ain’t working. And the atmosphere on pvp might seem toxic for those are not into pvp) But i like it here. We all know each other, we fight, we troll, but we also help and gather if needed. For example when we found that harrowhold was open we all gathered in a raid and went there in 30 mins, no matter on argues we have) It’s fun here if u know how to enjoy this game
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