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EME please bring back the pet icon

can you talk to BHS about returning the pet icon we had with the old UI. it was very practical to know when it was active or when to feed it.
thx your long time player. Philore


  • PartyblastPartyblast ✭✭✭✭
    There are tons of features BHS removed from the new UI which simply don't make sense and considering it's been months without any fix I doubt they're going to fix them, the pet icon being one of them.

    Hf right clicking your pet to access it's menu and hunger, welcome to this awful UI.
  • How can BHS "accidentally" just remove skillbar 4 and above months ago, but yet we get the patch with bugs which take 1 day of coding to be removed? Pet icons, skillbars, not being able to hide ui during combat, buff bar, hp/mp shown as % each time you log in, party buffs. This list has no end, and obv something this simple takes years to be fixed, but whenever there's a new costume, a p2w innerwear or a strongbox in the game, those work as intended since their release.
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