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Love the new UI - thanks!

I don't get the grief i saw in another posting; you can bind any skill or toolbar button to 'C', afaik. I use `, different mouse buttons, R, T, G, whatever.

Just one suggestion (besides cross-platform play) is to add checkboxes to the various video options to lock them in place, so the auto-adjuster can't change them dynamically, allowing for your choice of options to be dynamically changed as needed for framerate stability.



  • oh, hey, wanted to say the new loading screen with the 5 characters is excellent
    and I had no problem claiming my daily bonus gifts including the ones i wasn't able to claim from the past week or so
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    let me start by saying im liking it a lot too and once you get your head around it , it seems to have more to it
    but I can understand where others are coming from as we had 27 slots on our main bar before and now only 26 , and i feel this is where they are more getting upset than the actual key binding part
  • Other than it messed with where I had everything, I'm kind of enjoying the new UI too.
  • the only thing I don't like is the player health/mana bar. I really just haven't been able to adjust to it. I've died doing the dumbest things partly because I'm bad but also partly because I don't even realize when my health is low
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Aside from having to re-do my shortcut tray (the lower half didn't import the bindings for whatever reason) once on every character, I actually feel this has been a positive change.

    I like that the top half of the chat window disappears when I move. I have been able to enlarge font sizes because of this to the point where I no longer strain to read chat. When I did that before I sacrificed a quarter of my screen. I love the quest list options (titles, text or nothing) and I kind of like the new main options bar with the drop down menus. It's less pretty, but a lot more functional for me. I can read the options now without having to make the icons the size of Texas for one.
  • I like the fact that i can hide so many things and keep my screen clean though there seems to be this bug where it is so much harder to click on items from any bar after mounting needing to use a class skill to make it work properly..
  • i still want to be able to change the UI to previous versions and back. maybe being able to swap and change different parts of the UI too.
  • @UtterlyUseless What are your favorite parts about the current UI and the old UI?
  • so did the new UI fix the framerate problems of the old one or does this game still run like total garbage?
  • UI Good things= resize options by tab, means you can change ui size per parts.
    Love that

    Bad thing = you need to click 3 times to change equipment, accept vanguard request, or looking for a party.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    Aesthetically, I like how the new UI looks, all told.

    I don't like losing a button to set my skills since I play on a controller. I've already had to completely remap the bindings for 2 of my (so far) 11 characters.
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