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Server differences

Hello guys,

I'm a returning player and I really have some troubles trying to decide what server to play. I've heard there was a server merge and I am really confused due to the fact that I had to delete some of my characters and stuff, so I want to start all over. I seek reaching high tier gear, but also active pvping and I'm really stressed by the idea that if I go PVE then I won't find people for some PVP, or playing on PVP and can't find people to do some dungeons. I know there was a cross server queues in matchmaking and so, is it still applied? Also which one of the servers is more populated? Or the beginner-friendly one?

P.S: I'm also looking for a class that can easily be played with high ping , if someone is willing to exemplify me one I'll be grateful! <3

Thanks in advance!


  • i believe pvp and pvewise its kiator > velika.
  • Both servers are about the same tho Velika I think has more players.
    Play whatever class you like
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    Both servers do pve and pvp- the only difference is that Kaiator has open world pvp at level 65. Dungeon instance matching and battleground matching are still done cross server. However, battlegrounds don't pop very often and dungeons will take a while if you don't have a tank to ims with. If you're going to play Tera, duels and Civil Unrest are the main hunk of your pvp (and CU is only for large guilds, essentially).

    Now, all of this is stuff below personal opinion...so take it with a grain of salt.
    I greatly prefer Velika over Kaiator, server wise. From my experience, there's a higher density of people who are unfriendly or unwilling to help newbies learn on Kaiator.

    And class wise, "high ping" is somewhat subjective. If you have over 150 ping, you're pretty greatly limited in what you'll be able to play effectively. So as far as my knowledge and experience goes- sorcerer, slayer, brawler, mystic, and priest have treated me best when I have moderate to highish ping. No matter what class you play though, some skills will still perform like butts. If you have ping that's like 200, I'd recommend slayer I guess. But anything above 200 ping becomes nigh unplayable at that point.
  • If you are from eu, go play on eu please. Dont try your ping in na, it will be a waste. And the na region is pretty low populated atm so you came back in a hard time. I honestly think velika has more friendly people but kaiator its fun because you can do guardians easier haha. Read the forums first if you want and then maybe change region or if you are ok with na, its fine o.o
  • Kaitor has more solo content due to the lack of people, but if you are pve lover go to kaitor cause you can farm island of dawn or do world bosses achievements etc.

    Pve server have more people, if don’t mind be crowded in farming areas or events, guardian mission areas etc. Go to Velika.
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