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Ps4 link account mount claimed on wrong character.

Hi! I’m new to the game and i’m pretty sure this is not the first time it’s happened to a gamer here. I accidently claimed my link account mount on the pvp server. Is there any way i can have it moved or unclaimed? Or something because i really wanted that mount on my main character and is over at the pve server.

I didn’t know you only had a mount per character not per account. It’s probably my fault for not reading everything but I was excited. And when i checked my main i see there was no link mount ): it kinda ruined the fun for me With the game.


  • You can try opening a Support Ticket.
  • I’ll try thanks!
  • Ridiculous.. i asked them and they just “moved” my link mount from my pve server to my pvp. WTF i dont even have that mount on my pve server toon. I wanted it from my pvp to my pve toon. They said it was as a courtesy and they haven’t answered anymore...

    They didnt do anything..
  • Sorry to hear that it wasn't taken care of during the first reply on the Ticket.

    I'd probably just update the Support Ticket with clarification on your request (as there may have been a misunderstanding), and then wait a bit for the next reply by the Agent.
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