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Can someone from ENMASSE help with my wife's account please?

We submitted a ticket a few weeks ago and now again, but due to the way the ticket is structured I think it might be going to the wrong email address, if there were any replies from ENMASSE.

I'll explain the issue:
We recently changes ISPs and since the switch no longer have access to the email account she used for her TERA account.
She can't login because it wants the verification code, which it sends to the email address we can no longer access.
My account is fine because I use a hotmail address.

The procedure here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/updating-your-en-masse-account#email
does not work because it asks for the verification code on the 1st login. So she can't login to update the email address.

Also just using the "problems signing in" link just does the password reset which not only is not what the issue is but, again, sends the email to the inaccessible email account.

This is what the ticket page looks like:

It is confusing because there are 3 email address fields and only one of them explains which one are you meant to put in, the old or new.
In the 1st one when we put the new one and try to submit it says there is no account with that address. So, it seems the inaccessible one needs to be put in as that is the one associated with the account. However, I have a feeling that any ticket correspondence goes to that email address because we never got any reply or notification to the new email address... About half an hour ago we've put in another ticket and again we never got a notification that a ticket has been submitted etc etc.

Can anyone from ENMASSE please PM me or anything and get the ticket correspondence going to the new (correct) email address?

Thank you.


  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    is there any other devices that recognise her account on the forum ?

    I can access the forum from both my home pc's and my smartphone
    if she/you can then all you need to do is go in to her Account Settings and click on the Profile Management tab and change/edit her email address in there
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but no.
    Both her phone and tablet and my phone as well also gets prompted with the verification code. I don't think we ever logged into either of our accounts with anything but our PCs so it's like "You are logging in from a new device". Which is the same nonsense when your IP changes and not the actual device.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    I had this same issue. Stick to the ticket system. Always use the current email address you want the account associated to. They will ask you a LOT of stuff regarding your account. Like the names of characters in there, some personal info you put there when first making the account and stuff like that. Have patience with the process, as they will need to completely verify you are who you are saying to be. In my case, they helped me get back my account after my original email was deleted due to ISP stopping that service on their end. So I can vouch for EME in this one.
  • Hi, I appreciate your input, but the point is that weeks have passed since the 1st ticket and we have received no email about anything, not even a confirmation that the ticket has been logged. So we did another one and the same thing - nothing.
    Getting asked to provide info is not problem, we know how it goes with Steam for example, but there is literally nothing happening. We are in the dark.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    eh, guess they fired more staff then... My issue was replied to very quickly. Don't know any reason other than lack of staff or otherwise heavy ticket backlog.
  • edited November 2018
    In this situation, I would recommend that she choose to go the route of making a Support Ticket, without logging in.

    1.) https://support.enmasse.com/tera

    2.) Click on "I can't login"

    3.) At the bottom of that page, click the " contact support for assistance." link.

    4.) Go the route of choosing the drop down options like you just forgot your password
    ( TERA - Account Support - I can't log into my account - I forgot my password )

    5.) Then click the "Submit a Ticket" button after it turns blue ( sometimes takes a few seconds )

    She can then input any Message you want, and also provide both the Account's current Email, as well as the new Email that she'd want to receive a reply back to.

    Also, she may want to proactively answer these specific questions within the message she sends :

    1.) Public Nickname ? ( the Forum Identity on her Account, if she had set one ).
    2.) Date of Birth ?
    3.) Account Creation Date (or approximate guess) ?
    4.) What was her Game Account Edition Type, or can she provide a physical Retail Activation Code # ?
    (The types of Game Accounts are as follows : Free Standard version / Paid Retail Standard version with Founders Status / Paid Retail Collector's Edition version with Founders Status)
    5.) Can she provide a list of her Character Names and the Servers she had created them on ?
    6.) Physical geographical location the Account was created in ( City, State/Province, Country ) ?
  • Thanks for the suggestion Cobalt.
    That didn't work either, but I finally figured out how to get a ticket created and emailed to us.

    I actually logged in with my account and then proceeded with a ticket for "no longer have access to email etc etc".
    This time there were only 2 email fields, which made me realise that this should work since people have multiple accounts and would normally make a ticket for one of them this way.
    So, since the ticket was created from an actual logged in account, it actually got created and emailed to the email of the logged in account.
    So now we will be able to have correspondence and we were able to put in old/new email addresses in the 2 fields.

    Hopefully things will get sorted out now. ^_^
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