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Regarding the Brumal mount



  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    I can confirm that those who get there elite from vouchers they paid gold for CAN get the deals.

    As long as elite is active, should work.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Cyborq wrote: »
    Nopi wrote: »
    Get the cheapest elite voucher you can find from the broker (or use whatever you may have stored in your bank through level up/buddy up rewards), then buy this with your EMP. It's a clever EME tactic. I suppose those willing to make elin brawlderp mains will benefit the most from these.

    Although I do not know, I wonder if it is only the ones who pay monthly elite that can buy the elite deals?
    It might be so that vouchers do not apply this benefit.
    Also, am I mistaken or are the EMP you get every day for logging in during your elite stats not included in the voucher using?
    A clarification would be appreciated!
    @KitTeaCup ?

    Until I see something proving me otherwise, I'm sure Elite is the same for everyone. Come from a voucher or from monthly. It SHOULD give the exact same benefits for as long as the membership is active. The only differences between accounts I know are the standard/founder/deluxe founder stuff. I mean, Elite itself is at most a "meh" membership for the amount of money being asked for it. We do not want to gimp it even further.
  • This was quite the awesome deal and i have decided to get some EMP and actually buy two for some of my characters even though i was saving my income for Black Friday.. But i have to say that it was nice if we could preview the mount somehow.. You know.. it is a must to kill monsters with style xD

    I am looking forward to see more things like this at the featured area.
  • SageWindu wrote: »
    Vy1Vivi wrote: »
    Never-mind, I ended up buying it. Looks like the other bone-dragons, but its white/blue. Gives crit passive buff, but no extra buff like the $80 one, but I only cared for the crit passive. I'm honestly pretty surprised they offered a deal like this. Its only $15, the other mounts that offer that buff are over 50...the only downside is that its for elites only, so I guess in hindsight you're paying more for it, but still a huge discount overall considering this is EME and their crap store.

    I just did some mental math. Even if you were to get 1-month Elite status for the sole reason of getting the exclusive mount, you're still only shelling out 3490EMP (approx. $35USD). That's nuts on a sandwich (unless you're allergic I guess).

    Yeah I actually didn't think about that until hours later after I made the post and recalculated... so technically it'd be around $30 you're spending for the mount, unless the purchase works with let's say a 1-day or 7-day voucher you buy in-game. But then I figured $30 is still better than $80, right?
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