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Easter has come to TERA! Read all about it, and check this thread for information on where to find these eggs, and what you can get! http://bit.ly/2Dj6rJa

Coming back after long Hiatus. Buddy up codes?

Been away for about 1.5 years. Want to slug it out again but im wondering what is going on with this elin brawler/buddy up system. Im a bit confused. I have a 65 elin ninja atm but was looking to lvl a new character as well. Should I wait for nov 13th? And how does the buddy up codes work for this event? (I ran to 65 and quit shortly after so I never even got to do any buddy up stuff). If I made a brawler now, even if not elin, and did a buddy up code and hit 65 before the event ends, would that give me all the secondary prizes as well?


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