PVP: Elemental Essence and Veilthroch

At this current moment in time, NA does not have the option to buy Elemental Essence (EE) or Velithroch from Metamorphic Emblem. Therefore, if all you do is PvP in tera, you must get them from the Bellicarium Shop. If you lose, you only get 44k point and if you win 130k(rougly) points. Each EE costs 600k and each Velithroch costs 1.5million. If you lose all day long, you will have to do 34 runs to get a single Velithroch. Each run lasts about 15-30 mins depending upon the players. Furthermore, there is not a guarantee that you will even be able to get into each game, depending upon how many are quing. While pve players, can get an EE and Velithroch every run, with HO a run can take 15-20mins. This seems extremely unbalanced. As a PvP'er, I have to learn PvE just to attempt for HO. Or else, it will take months for a SINGLE try. I have over 100k Metamorphic Emblem due to buying items from Tera Shop, they are just sitting in my bank collecting dust, since I have nothing to spend it on. The cost of EE and Velithroch needs to be reduced to be on par with PvE players or add EE/Velithroch to Metamorphic Emblem as it is in KTera.


  • KetothKetoth ✭✭✭✭
    " While pve players, can get an EE and Velithroch every run, with HO a run can take 15-20mins. This seems extremely unbalanced."

    If you have HO why you want EE/VT?

    Yes it drops on every run but you have other people rolling for it.

    The addition to meta shop will come in a later patch
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    Just wait a few months and it will be added to the meta shop like Ktera. Stuff that's in ktera eventually comes to us months later
  • Vy1ViviVy1Vivi ✭✭✭
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    Um what are you talking about? Its not easy for PvE players either.

    First off, not everyone has SC +9 and HO. Some people like me are just in base SC or slightly better. In my opinion people who spam BGs have it easier. If you don't have the gear then you can't even do a lot of the dungeons with high item level requirement. Plus you do those in parties, so everyone is rolling/competing for the material drops.

    Dungeon entrances are limited per day (though you have more runs with elite and you can use all the different instance reset scrolls). BGs, however, can be spammed all day without abandon.

    Its PvE and dungeons that need to be buffed, BG rewards were just buffed. In addition to adding it to metamorphics, they should make those available to buy in the Guardian Legion credit shop, it'd really help a lot of players that prefer PvE over PvP but don't necessarily have the gear to run the high-end dungeons. They also need to double the drops in dungeons overall, so that more players in each run have a chance of getting the materials instead of just one or two players who happen to roll successfully for it.
  • BattlePopoBattlePopo ✭✭
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    Simply buy velithrochs and essences from PvE players. (sell runs)
  • Lol what. You could be low tier geared and still pvp for ee and veils unlike pve where you actually need to be ilvled and also find a pt thatll accept you and wont trap you. In pvp even if you lose you get points, but pve, lulwut? Plus ee and veils are rng drop for pve. You could run 10 times and still not get any ee or veils.
  • teralover123teralover123 ✭✭✭
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    Body is 10 characters too short.
  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    on the other hand, getting the items needed to upgrade entropy is much easier to obtain thru pvp, especially the silver talents.

    also to clarify, essences and shards were added to the meta emblem shop, not veilthrochs.
  • NilkemiosNilkemios ✭✭
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    These items should've been available from Metamorphic/Entropic Emblems/Guardian Legion Credits/etc. from the start. Make them reasonably costly, sure, but not gated behind just dungeons or battlegrounds.
  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    I agree that they are expensive in the bg shop and need to be lowered espeywhile the success rate is low and the time to farm the credits to get 1 veil. EE drops from multiple dungeons and should not be 600k while the other mats used to enchant HO are way cheaper and drop from harder dungeons, doesn’t make sense. Veil no longer drops from the highest tier dungeon and should not be the most expensive mat in the shop. In my opinion, EE should be lowered to around 200-250k credits and veils 500k at most. 1.5 million is way too costly while it takes 4 veils which is 6 million credits for 1 try on your weapon when you’re likely to fail unless you’re luxky. I’m currently at 5 fails on chest and 2 on gloves. So this just proves my point.
  • spungspung ✭✭
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    I have the same sentiment. The thing I don't like about the new gearing system is the excessive use of materials. In the old system you only need to pay for material once to craft the piece—it was never gated behind something rare to obtain. I think the new system should have kept the same trend and only needed rare drops for every magor upgrade (leaving cost of going to another tier granting 100% success).

    The cost of meta material should drop tremendously otherwise its going to oppose a threat to the game in the foreseen future because gear is becoming obsolete pretty quickly.
  • we had a decent system of getting elemental essences by battleground coins getting an extra one time to time ... it's kinda sad that they removed it
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